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Appraising Vehicles


Appraise Trade In vehicles and provide a written offer to a customer.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to the Sales Up
  • Add a Trade-In to a Sales Up
  • Appraise the Trade


Attention Users,
Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This article is designed for Salesforce Classic.


Step One: Navigate to a Sales Up

  1. Click the all tabs (+) icon



  1. Click Sales Up.



Step Two: Add a Trade-In to the Sales Up

  1. Enter the <VIN> of the appraisal vehicle under the Trade-information section.
  2. Click the Save button.

2.1 2.2.png


  1. Click the VIN Decode Trade-In button to begin the decode process.

VIN Decode Trade In button


  1. Select the appropriate Trim.

Choose trim level


Note: The VIN decode allows selection of features equipped on the vehicle in two categories: Installed Equipment and Optional Equipment. The image shows these sections collapsed for illustrative purposes. In general the view will look like the second image below with the features listed and checkboxes available to select that equipment for this vehicle.


Equipment types

Select equipment


  1. When all appropriate equipment is checked click the Save button.

Decoded trade vehicle


Step Three: Appraise the Trade

  1. Click the Appraise Trade button

Appraise Trade Button


  1. Enter Information into correct fields.

Offer Information

Expected Costs
Automatically calculated from fees and reconditioning estimates within the appraisal.
Profit Objective
Default value is auto populated based upon settings though this can get modified by editing the field.
Asking Price
The expected retail value of the reconditioned vehicle.
Appraised Value
The value offered to purchase the vehicle. Will automatically update upon save until edited manually.

Offer information



Acquisition Method
What method is being used to acquire the vehicle.
Store Location
Which dealership location is handling the appraisal.
Lost Appraisal
Did the customer reject the trade offer


The guide books the dealership subscribes to will assist in defining the Asking Price of the vehicle.

Cost of transporting the vehicle from the purchase location to the dealership location.
The money it takes to have a vehicle participate in a certified pre owned program.
Auction Fee
Fees paid to the auction for vehicles acquired through that method.

Vehicle Info

Details of the vehicle generally captured from the VIN decode.

Appraisal History

The list of previous appraisals performed on this vehicle during its entire history with the dealership.

Reconditioning Estimate

This section is used to estimate the cost of reconditioning the vehicle to dealership standards. Each repair gets a repair line created and the reconditioning value gets added to the appropriate category. Clicking on the image will place a line number at the point of damage. Interior and mechanical lines get added by selecting the Repair Type, Repair Description, Notes, and Repair Estimate and clicking the Save Line button.

Reconditioning estimate


  1. To finish the Appraisal Click Save

What's Next?

The appraised value and details of vehicles related to a Sales Up push to the Deal when it's created reducing tedious copy/paste. Analyze the reconditioning costs and market value of a vehicle before purchasing it from a retail customer.