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CarFax Widget


The Carfax Widget allows users to obtain Carfax Vehicle History reports directly from within DealerTeam.

After reading this article  you will be able to:

  • Grant CarFax API Access
  • Navigate to the Carfax Widget
  • Use the Carfax Widget


Step One: Grant CarFax API Access

  1. Click the App Launcher icon.
  2. Enter Locations in the quick find area.
  3. Click Location

4 CarFax Widget-  location.png


  1. Select a desired Location.

5 CarFax Widget-  location record.png


  1. Click Edit and enter the CarFax credentials located in the business office section.

6 CarFax Widget-  fields.png


Step Two: Navigate to the CarFax Widget

The CarFax widget can be found on the:

  • Utility Bar
  • Vehicle Inventory record details page


Utility Bar

  1. Click the CarFax Report component on the utility bar located on the bottom of the screen.

1 CarFax Widget-  Carfax utility component.png


Vehicle Inventory Record Details Page

  1. From the Sales app click the Vehicle Inventory tab on the navbar.
  2. Select a desired Vehicle Inventory record.

2 CarFax Widget-  VI record.png


  1. Click the Carfax tab located on the right side of the Vehicle Inventory record.

3 CarFax Widget-  Carfax on VI.png



Step Three: Use the Carfax Widget

  1.  Enter the <VIN>.
  2. Select the Report Type.
  3. Click Get CarFax.

7 CarFax Widget- use component.png


  1. A summary of the report  is located below click the link.

8 CarFax Widget- Summary.png