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Carfax Widget


The Carfax Widget allows users to obtain Carfax Vehicle History reports directly from within DealerTeam.

After reading this article  you will be able to

  • Navigate to the Carfax Widget
  • Use the Carfax Widget

Prerequisite: The Carfax Widget needs API access to function. You will need a Username and a Password for your Location to log into the widget. To learn how to set up the Carfax Widget click here.


Step One: Navigate to the Carfax Widget

1. Click the app launcher icon



2. Type Appraisals into the Quick Find input

3.  Click the Appraisals link

1.2 1.3.png


4.  Select an Appraisal



The Carfax Widget is located between the Service Vehicle Information section and the Trade-in section

Step Two: Use the Carfax Widget

1. Take the VIN of the appraisal and put it in the Vin Input field

2.  Select the Report Type

3.Click the Get CarFax button

4. To see the full report click the CarFax Report link

 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4.png