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Create a Vehicle Master


Create a Vehicle Master Record to associate Chassis with Dealer Catalogs.

Vehicle Master Records relate a specific Year, Make, Model, and Trim Level to allow for assigning products to Dealer Catalogs.

After completing this article you will be able to:

  • Create a new Vehicle Master
  • Understand how a Vehicle Master works
  • Associate a Vehicle Master to a Dealer Catalog


Prerequisites: A Vehicle Master look-up is located on the Service Vehicle. A Service Vehicle record needs to already exist before a Vehicle Master can be added.        


Step One: Navigate to Vehicle Master 

  1. Click the App Launcher icon.
  2. Enter Vehicle Master in the quick find area.
  3. Click Vehicle Master.

1 create a vehicle master- navigate.png


Step Two: Create the Vehicle Master

  1. Click New.

2 create a vehicle master- new btn.png


  1. Enter the required name <Year Make Model> in the Vehicle Master field.


Attention! Vehicle Master is the only required field. The naming convention should be the Year, Make and Model of the Vehicle Master record.


  1. Enter any other desired optional field data and click Save when complete.

3 create a vehicle master- name and save vehicle master.png


Connect a Vehicle Master to a Service Vehicle

From the open Service Vehicle record, use the Vehicle Master look-up field to connect the desired Vehicle Master record.  

Click the Pencil icon to Edit or Select the Vehicle Master.  

vehicle master lookup from the service vehicle record.png