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Rental Agreements for Lightning

In this article we learn how to create, edit and delete Rental Agreements in the Lightning Experience.


In this article, learn how to write Rental Agreements on selected vehicles in-stock. 

There are two steps that need to be completed prior to writing a rental agreement. First the Record Type for a vehicle needs to be set to Rental and In Stock checkbox checked. Second, a Rental Rate needs to be determined to apply the Daily Rate, Weekly Rate, and Mileage Allowed for different vehicle types.

In addition, the System Admin should have already setup the dealership Location and CRM Rental Settings. If this has not been completed the system will prompt an error. For technical assistance regarding this issue, contact     

Attention, Users!

Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This module is designed for Lightning Experience.

First Step -  Navigate to Application

Click App Launcher

Rental Agreements, click app launcher.png

Type "Rental Agreements" in the Search bar. Click Rental Agreements

Rental Agreements, select app.png

Second Step - Create New Rental Agreement

Click New to create Rental Agreement

Rental Agreements, click New.png

Third Step - Details tab 

Details tab is selected by default. Fill out all fields including the required fields indicated with a red asterisk. The required fields will differ depending on the Organization.

Rental Details - Fields to consider

  • Rental Rate Codes are formatted by 3 digits starting with 000 in ascending order. Select a Rental Rate by typing rate code or description of rate code. 
    • Contains information on Daily Rate, Weekly Rate, and Vehicle Type

                  Rental Agreement rates.png


  • Discount percentage: % discounted from the daily rate
  • Discount: Fixed amount discounted from the daily rate
  • Days Free: Daily rate X # of days free 
  • Tax exempt: Check the box if the Rental Agreement will be tax exempt.
  • Daily Mile Limit, Excess Miles Fee, Fuel Charge per Gallon and Refueling Fee are automatically populated based on store location. 

Rental Agreements, details tab.png

Fourth Step - Drivers tab

Click Drivers tab. Fill out all fields including the required fields indicated with a red asterisk. The required fields will differ depending on the Organization.

Note: The Customer Contact field is a look up to existing Accounts. In order to add a Customer to a Rental Agreement ensure the customer has an Account or Sales Up created.

Begin typing customer name in the Customer Contact field then select the desired Account. Multiple accounts will appear with additional contact information (Address and Email) included differentiating accounts. 

Rental Agreement, drivers tab select account.png

  1. To change the primary driver click Change Primary Driver button. Repeat the beginning of step 4 to select a new primary driver.
  2. Add an additional driver by filling in their information. To include the first additional driver's License State you will save the Rental Agreement then click the Edit button to select a License State. There will be a picklist of States to select from.
  3. Click + to add more additional drivers    

Rental Agreement, drivers tab adding 2nd driver.png

Fifth Step - Vehicle Inventory tab

Click Vehicle Inventory tab. Fill out all the fields including the required fields indicated with a red asterisk. The required fields will differ depending on the Organization. Click in the Vehicle Inventory field to search for a vehicle using a stock # or description of the vehicle. Rental vehicles are only displayed. If the desired vehicle is not displaying ensure the vehicle inventory record type is set to Rental.

Rental Agreements, vehicle inventory tab.png

Fields to consider

  • Mileage Out: This field will auto-populate based on last return mileage.
  • Fuel Level on Checkout: Select the appropriate level of fuel on checkout

Rental Agreements, vehicles tab with information.png

Fifth Step - Insurance tab

Click Insurance tab. Fill out all the required fields indicated with a red asterisk. The required fields will differ depending on the Organization. After completing the Insurance tab information click Save to complete the Rental Agreement. 

Rental Agreement, insurance tab.png

Note: Clicking Save button with a blank required field will not save the record. An error at the top will return missed fields. 

Rental Agreements required fields.png

Sixth Step - Print Contract or Rental Agreement

The Rental Agreement is now created "RA# 00021" with the Status of Open. To print the Rental Agreement click Print Contract

Rental Agreements, click Print Contract.png

After clicking Print Contract. You will see a window pop including a PDF copy of the Rental Agreement. To print from your computer click File then scroll down and click Print.

Rental Agreement, printed Contract:RA.png


Sixth Step - Edit Information

Click Edit and select the Details, Drivers, Vehicle Inventory or Insurance tab to edit fields inside the desired tab. After completing edits, click Save

Rental Agreement, click edit.png

Seventh Step - Process Return

Click Process Return.

Rental Agreement, process return.png

Enter Information for following fields; 

  • Return Date and Time
  • Fuel Level on Return 
  • Return Mileage
  • Return Damage (Notes)
  • Fuel Charge on Return
  • Additional Charges/Credits

After including additional information click Complete Rental Return to complete the return.

Rental Agreements, complete Rental Return.png


Eighth Step - Print Receipt

Click Print Receipt. Status of the Rental Agreement must be Closed in order to print a receipt. 

Rental Agreements, click print receipt.pngAfter clicking Print Receipt you will see a window popup including a PDF copy of the Rental Receipt. To print from your computer click File then scroll down and click Print.

Rental Agreements, rental receipt.png

Ninth Step - Re-Open Rental Agreement

To re-open a Rental Agreement click Re-Open Rental Agreement. A Rental Agreement can only be re-opened if the status is Closed.

Rental Agreements, click Re-Open Rental Agreement.png

Once edits have been made. Complete Steps 6 and 7 to complete the Rental Agreement.