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Vehicle Equipment View Lightning Component


This article explains how to add the Vehicle Equipment View component to the vehicle inventory page and filter by installed and additional equipment.

After reading this article you will be able to

  • Navigate to the Vehicle Inventory Record page layout
  • Add the Vehicle Equipment View component to page layout
  • Filter additional equipment with the Vehicle Equipment View component


Prerequisite: User requires permission to access Setup to complete this article. 


Step One: Navigate to Vehicle Inventory Record Page Layout

  1. From the Sales App click the Vehicle Inventory tab on the navbar.
  2. Select a Vehicle Record.

1 vehicle equipment view- tab.png


  1. Click the Setup Gear icon.
  2. Click Edit Page.

2 vehicle equipment view- edit page.png



Step Two: Add the Component to Page Layout

  1.  Select Related tab.
  2.  Under Custom click and hold the VehicleEquipmentView component.

3 vehicle equipment view- Select utility.png


  1.  Drag component into the related list area.
  2. Click Save.

4 vehicle equipment view- Save.png


Step Three: Filter Equipment

  1. To filter equimpent on the Vehicle Equipment View from a Vehicle Inventory record use the quick-find search box .


You can search by entering one of the following category values: Equipment Name,   Equipment Category,   Description,   Option Id, or   Order Code. 


5 vehicle equipment view- filter.png