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Create a New Sales Up


Learn how to create a new Sales Up.


Attention Users,
Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This article is designed for Salesforce Classic.
After reading this article you will be able to:
  • Create a Sales Up for a new customer account
  • Create a Sales Up for an existing customer account
  • Use the Dupe Catcher

Video Tutorial 


Step One: Create New

There are two general ways to create a new Sales Up.

  1. Use the sidebar drop-down menu to Create New > Sales Up.
  2. From the tab bar choose Sales Up, click the New button. 




Step Two: Select Record Type 

Select the Record Type for the new sales up. A Curb Purchase is a customer only selling their vehicle to a dealership, whereas a Standard Sales Up is a customer shopping for a vehicle. 

Select the Record Type and click continue


Step Three: Complete Required Fields

Start by entering the five required fields. (fields* are set by default)

  • First Name 
  • Last Name  
  • Lead Type
  • Lead Date*
  • Lead Status*

When creating a Sales Up the lookup field Salesperson 1 can be used to assign an active user to the record. In the example below, the salesperson created the new Sales Up and was set by default as the Record Owner.  

It's recommended to always capture a Phone Number, Email Address, and Source.      

Click Create to save the Sales up record.

New Sales Up Edit Page


Creating a new Sales Up will also create a new account if one does not exist.  


Dupe Catcher

To avoid creating duplicate records the system uses five key parameters (First Name, Last Name, Email, Mobile, Home Phone) to search for open records on existing accounts. A system prompt will notify the user of possible matches. The new Sales Up can be added under the matching account, or created under a new account. 
  • Click the link displayed in the warning to continue working the existing Sales Up record.
  • Click Create to create a new Sales Up and new customer account.


It is not recommended to click Create from the Dupe Catcher when a customer account already exist. The system will create a duplicate account. 


duplicate catcher


Quick Create a New Sales Up from the Account

The new Sales Up should be created under the customer's account. From the duplicate warning, click the link to open the existing Sales Up. In the record, locate the Buyer Field and click to open the customer account. 

New Sales Up Record     


From the Account, locate the related list for Sales Up (Buyer) and hover the cursor over the hyperlink. Keeping the cursor in the pop-up box, click the New Sales Up button.

Customer Account displays sales up in related list


Creating a New Sales Up from the existing Account will auto-populate the customer's name and other related information. This is a useful shortcut that saves keystrokes. Before clicking create, select the Lead Type to complete the required fields.   

Create Sales Up from customer account 

This process will create two Sales Ups under the same account, rather than duplicate accounts. Under the related-list Sales Up (Buyer) there will be two sales up records for Jennifer Smith.