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Create Sales Up from the Account

Goal: Create a Sales Up from a Business Account.

When you create a Sales Up from a Business Account a Contact needs to be included so the contact info (name, email, phone) will be visible on the Sales Up for follow up tasks.


Attention Users, Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This article is designed for Salesforce Classic. This process will need to have a contact on the account.



When starting a New Deal from the Business Account, the Deal will use the Account Name to populate the buyer. The Sales Up will include the Contact from the related Account and provide information for the user to conduct follow-up. 


Step 1: Find or Create an Account.

Begin by Searching for the account you would like to create a Sales UP for. From the global search field type in the account to be used and select it.  If there is not an existing account see you will need to create one. See Create a New Account.

select account


Once in the account, hover the Sales Up (Customer Account) related list to expose and click the New Sales Up button.  

New Sales Up


Select the Sales Up Type by clicking the dropdown box and selecting the desired record type.

Click Continue.

Sales Up Record type

Step 2: Select the Contact on the account.

After selecting the Sales Up record type, select the contact from the business account you will use for follow-up on this Sales Up. The Buyer field pick list is derived of the contacts within the account, select one.

Select contact


Select Lead Type, Lead Status, and Source for this Sales Up. Some of these fields may be mandatory. 

Lead type and source


This will add the contacts information; Name, Phone, and Email to the Sales Up to assist with follow-up.   

Contact follow-up information