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Select the Source on a Sales Up

Capture what source drove the customer to your dealership. Was it a referral, repeat customer, internet search, or printed ad?  Over a period of time a dealership can measure how well advertising dollars are being converted into traffic.


When creating a new sales up the user will be able to quickly record what lead source brought the customer to the dealership.     


Option 1. New Sales Up

The Source pick list can be selected when the Sales Up record is first created.

Step 1. Click the Create New dropdown on the side bar. 

Click Sales Up

2. Choose the Standard Sales Up record type.

 Click Continue


3. On the New Sales Up page, click the Source field dropdown arrow and select one of the available pick-list values. 


4. Click to choose the desired source value.


5. Remember to fill in the other required fields and click Create.




If the desired source is not available

Click here to learn how to manage values in the Source pick-list.

NOTE: User Permissions: access Setup, Customize Application  


Option 2. Add to existing Sales Up

To add the source to an existing sales up use the Edit button located at the top of the record.

Select the Source and click Save

In-Line Editing

A faster option is to use in-line editing. In-line editing is available where the yellow pencil icon is present. Hover your cursor over the Source field and double-click anywhere in the light blue box. Use the drop down arrow to choose the source. The selected value will be displayed in orange, Click Save.


   Source value displayed in orange text needs to be saved to the record

The Source value will display in Orange when the value has not been saved to the record.