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Add a Desired Vehicle


Add a Desired Vehicle to a Sales Up to track the vehicles of interest on a potential transaction.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Add a Primary Desired Vehicle to a Sales Up
  • Add additional Desired Vehicles
  • Remove, View, and Set Primary Desired Vehicle 


Step One: Navigate to a Sales Up Record

From the Sales Department app simply click the Sales Up tab. When Sales Up is not visible in the tab bar use the App Launcher.  

  1. Click the App Launcher icon.

1 Add a Desired Vehicle- App launcher.png


  1. Enter Sales Up in the quick find area.
  2. Click Sales Up.

2 Add a Desired Vehicle- Sales up navi.png


  1. Click the Lead Name to open the Sales Up record.

3 Add a Desired Vehicle- SUP record.png


Step Two: Add a Desired Vehicle

  1. Click +New located under the Vehicle tab on a Sales Up.


add a new desired vehicle to a sales up record.png


How to Search and Filter

The Desired Vehicle modal window is designed to search for vehicles and filter through in-stock inventory based off set criteria. Search Criteria controls the data returned in the Inventory search. The user must click Search to query the database when entering and editing data in the four Search Criteria fields. Filter Criteria can be used to narrow down the inventory search and works in real-time without clicking Search. Matching vehicles are displayed at the bottom of the page under In-Stock Inventory Search.  

TIP: Using fewer Search Criteria initially will return more results. Use additional Filter Criteria to narrow down the In-Stock Inventory Search. 

  1. Vehicle Inventory and Conversion -  These look-up fields follow standard Salesforce search capabilities and can be used to quickly find known items by Name, Description or Number. All available Criteria fields will automatically populate when a vehicle is entered into the look-up. 
  2. Search Criteria -  Enter any combination of Year, Make, Model and Trim Level before clicking Search to return possible matches. 
  3. Filter Criteria -  Exterior Color, Interior Color, New/Used, and VIN offer additional layers to filter your search query in real time. Help narrow down the search results with your customer's specific requests.   
  4. Search -  Click the Search button after adding or changing Search Criteria to update the search results. The Search button can be used without entering any Search Criteria. When left blank it will return all vehicles in stock.


Using the Desired Vehicle Modal to search and filter.png


Use Vehicle Inventory look-up

  1. In this example we enter Dodge Grand into the Vehicle Inventory look-up field and click on the 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan.


Use the Vehicle Inventory look-up to select the desired vehicle.png


  1. A committed value in the Vehicle Inventory look-up field will automatically populate the available criteria field. Click Save to set the Vehicle Inventory record as the Desired Vehicle on the Sales Up. 


save the vehicle inventory look-up as the desired vehicle.png


Use Search Criteria to Select a Desired Vehicle


  1. Search Criteria contains Dodge and Grand Caravan, and the Filter Criteria contains White
  2. Click Search, the database returned one 2015 Dodge Grand Caravan with White Exterior. 
  3. Click Select to set the Vehicle Inventory look-up field and load the vehicle information into the Desired Vehicle modal. 


enter search criteria to select a desired vehicle.png


  1. Click Save to commit the in-stock Vehicle Inventory record as the Desired Vehicle on the Sales Up record. 


save the selected in-stock item as the desired vehicle on the sales up.png


Step Three: View the Primary Desired Vehicle on a Sales Up 

The first Desired Vehicle saved will be set as the Primary Desired Vehicle on the Sales Up record. Additional Desired Vehicles will display under the Primary Desired Vehicle including a number count. Desired Vehicles can easily be removed and set. Simply View a Desired Vehicle to make edits. 


Primary Desired Vehicle set on the Sales up.png


Add New, Set As Primary, View, Delete 

You can add multiple +New Desired Vehicles to one Sales Up. Quick action buttons make it easy to Undo, Set, View and Delete Desired Vehicles. Whatever vehicle is set as the Primary Vehicle will be added to the Deal when the Sales Up is converted to a Deal. 


Undo, Set as Primary, View, or Delete a Desired Vehicle.png