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Add a Trade-In Vehicle from a Deal


The goal of this article is to cover the variety of ways a Trade-In can be added to a deal. Depending on your company's sales process and whether you choose to appraise trade vehicles, adding a Trade-In to a Deal may vary. There are a few ways to achieve this depending on if an appraisal was completed prior to adding a Trade-In to the deal.

Add a Trade-In 

Click the Vehicle Tab. To add a Trade-In from a Deal, click the Add Trade-In button.

You have the option to add multiple trade-ins to a deal. 

Close a Deal 2.png


Trade-In Appraisal not Completed

After clicking Add Trade-In, a pop-up window will display fields to manually enter Trade-In information. Use these fields to add a customers' Trade-In information when an appraisal has not been completed. 

Click Save Changes to add the Trade-In information to the Deal.  

Image of set fields to add a vehicle's trade-in information.   


Trade-In Appraisal Completed

Click the small arrow next to Add Trade-In from Appraisal to display a list of recently created Appraisals. Appraisal information included on the list will display these fields fields in order:  Last 6 of the VIN, Date Created, Vehicle Description, and Created By. 

Hover over the desired Appraisal and click to choose. The ACV value will populate based off the selected appraisal.

Click Save Changes to add the selected appraisal as a Trade-In. 


Close a deal, select appraisal.png