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Add a Trade-In to a Sales Up

Add a Trade In to a Sales Up by adding the VIN and decoding it to complete the vehicle equipment.


After completing this how-to you will understand how to associate one or more Trade In vehicles with a Sales Up.

Add the Trade VIN

In the Sales Up record type the VIN of the Trade In vehicle using capital letters and numbers and then click the Save button.

Add Trade VIN

Decode the Trade VIN

Click the VIN Decode Trade In button and select the trim level of the Trade In vehicle.

Choose trim level

Choose Installed Equipment

Fill out the odometer and then check the boxes for equipment that is present on this vehicle. If the vehicle has been in the system previously the checkboxes will reflect past VIN decode information. When done choosing installed equipment click the save button.

Choose vehicle equipment

You will then return to the Sales Up and the Trade In vehicle details will get automatically filled out based upon the VIN decode.

Completed VIN decode