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Adding Taxes on a Deal


Taxes can be applied using a tax zone, a percentage, or as a flat tax, depending on your organizational needs. The deal tab offers a single input field tax zone for searching and applying tax zones.
  • Navigate to the tax section of the deal
  • Add tax by Tax Zones
  • Add tax by Flat Rate
  • Add tax by Percentage
  • Add tax to Chassis
  • Add tax to Conversion
  • Add tax to Additional Equipment


Attention Users,
Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This article is designed for Salesforce Lightning.


Step One: Navigate to the Deal

Select the DealerTeam Sales application

1. Click the Deals 


Add taxes to Deals, click Deal.png


2. Select a Deal you wish to add Taxes to.

a. Search deals by selecting different List Views

b. Search deals using the current List View


Add Taxes to Deals, select record.png


Step Two: Tax Zones

  1. While the Deal tab   deal tab.png  is selected enter the <City>, <State>, or <County> into the Tax Zone field.
  2. Click the Save tab save tab.png

2.1 2.2.png


Note: The Tax, Type and Percentage will also be recorded on the Purchase Tab, where it can be Edited or Deleted.


Step Three: Flat Rate or Percentage

  1. Click the Purchase tab purchase tabs.png
  2. Under the Taxes sections click  Add Tax.



  1. Select the desired Manual Tax Override.
  2. Click the Update button.
  3. Click the Save tab save tab.png


Flat Tax Override

The amount needs to be entered in the Flat Rate Amount field.

If you choose the flat tax override you will need to fill in the Flat rate Amount in the field.


Percentage Override

The percentage needs to be entered in the Percentage field

If choosing the percentage override you will need to fill in the percentage in the Percentage field.


Step Four: Tax on Chassis and Conversion

  1. Click the Vehicle tab vehicle tab.png
  2. Click the Tax Chassis check box.
  3. Click the Tax Conversion check box.

4.2 4.3.png


  1. Click the Save tab save tab.png


Step Five: Choose Tax on Additional Equipment

  1. Click the Equipment tab equipment tab.png
  2. Select the Tax checkbox under the Selected Equipment section.


3. Click the Save tab save tab.png