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Adding Taxes on a Deal

Learn how to add taxes to a car deal using a Tax Zones, Flat Rate, or Percentage.

The ability to add, change, and calculate taxes while desking a deal is an important feature. Taxes can be applied using a tax zone, a percentage, or as a flat tax, depending on your organizational needs. The Deal tab offers a single input field Tax Zone for searching and applying tax zones. The Purchase tab provides a section to update and edit taxes manually by percentage and flat rate.Taxes can also be removed when selling conversions and additional equipment by un-checking a box.    

Add tax by Tax Zone

Best practice is to start typing the City, State, or County into the Tax Zone field located on the Deal tab. Deal Tab image

            select the Shasta tax rate from the search results

This will start to generate search results. Click on the correct City and County to set the proper tax rate for your location. 

  1. The Tax Zone value will be set.
  2. Click Save to update the Deal with selected tax zone.


            Save the selected tax zone by clicking the red save icon


After the tax rate has been saved to the deal, the percentage will show 7.500% next to Tax Zone field. 

As displayed on the Deal tab:

The tax zone as a percentage set on Deal tab


The Tax, Type and Percentage will also be recorded on the Purchase tab, where it can be edited or deleted when necessary.

As displayed on the Purchase tab:

Tax Zone set on  the Purchase tab

Add Tax by Flat Rate or Percentage


Another option when adding tax to a deal is under the Purchase tab. purchase tab image 

Use the Taxes section to choose a manual Flat Tax or a manual Percentage Tax. This will not remove any existing tax zones or rates but instead add to them. All taxes applied to a deal will be displayed under the Purchase tab and can be edited or deleted. a way to add the tax in a deal is on the Purchase tab. From here you have a choice of a flat tax override or a percentage tax override.


When you choose to apply a flat tax override, the amount needs to be entered in the Flat Rate Amount field. The example shows a flat rate of $100. 

If you choose the flat tax override you will need to fill in the Flat rate Amount in the field.


When you choose to apply a percentage override, the percentage need to be entered in the Percentage field. The example shows 8%. 

If choosing the percentage override you will need to fill in the percentage in the Percentage field.


Choose Tax on Chassis and Conversion

From the2017-09-21_16-11-39.png tab you will find two check boxes for controlling taxes on the Chassis and the Conversion. Check the appropriate box to indicate whether the system is suppose to calculate tax on that item. 

From the inventory screen in the deal, there are check boxes for taxing or not taxing the Chassis and or the Conversion.


Choose Tax on Additional Equipment


From the 2017-09-21_16-15-21.png tab when additional equipment is added to a deal, there is a tax check box. For each item added tax can be applied or removed. 

Check or uncheck each box to calculate the correct tax for the equipment added.

Check or uncheck the boxes to calculate the correct tax for the equipment added.