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Change Store Location for Lightning

Learn how to change store locations for lightning.


Learn how to change store location from one to another for lightning. 

CO #: Company Number or Abbreviation of Store Location

Location: City of Store Location

Step One - Find Module

You will find the module to change dealership on the right sidebar of the homepage. Current Store Location is Redding. To select a different store location click Change.

Change Store Location, click change.png


Step two - Select Store

You can see the Redding Store Location is currently selected. Next, choose a store and click Select. For this example, we will be selecting the San Francisco store location.

Change Location, select store.png

The San Francisco is now the selected location in your org.  To change to a different location, repeat step two. 

Change Location, store is selected.png

What's Next

This is what was achieved and what was omitted in this how-to.