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Convert a Person Account to a Business Account


Easily convert a Person Account to a Business Account record type from the Account object.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to accounts
  • Convert a person account

Step One: Navigate to Person Account

  1. From the DealerTeam Sales app home screen click Accounts.
  2. Select a Person Account.

1 Convert p2b - select account.png


Step Two: Convert a Person Account

  1. Click the record drop-down button located on the top right
  2. Click Convert Account.

2 Convert p2b - convert btn.png


When converting a Person Account the choice is available to create a new business Account with information from the Person Account or merge the Person Account into an existing business Account.

Create New Account

The following information will be used when converting a Person Account to a new business Account.

  1. Enter the <Account Name>.
  2. Click the drop-down button and select Business Customers can have multiple contacts or employees, use this for B2B transactions
  3. Click the Convert to Business Account button. 

3 Convert p2b - create new.png  



In the Details tab, you can see the Person Account is now converted to a Business Account. 

4 Convert p2b - detail.png


Merge to Existing Business Account

When merging into an existing Business Account the Account portion of the Person Account will get merged into the selected business Account. When this merge happens all records related to the Person Account will get re-parented to the selected business Account including the Contact portion of the Person Account.


Attention! Any fields on the Person Account that are not populated on the business Account will get copied and any fields that conflict with the business Account will be lost. If fields exist on the Person Account that should overwrite the business Account Create New Account then re-parent related records and merge the Accounts manually.


  1. Select Parent Account.
  2. Click the Convert to Business Account button.

5 Convert p2b -merge.png