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Convert Business Account to Person Account


Learn how to convert a Business Account to Person Account.


Step One - Navigate to Accounts

1. Select the DealerTeam Sales App.

2. Click Accounts 

3. Click New

Step Two - Select a Business Account

1. Select a Business Account


Convert Business Account to Person, select Business Account.png


2. Click the record drop-down button located on the top right

3. Click Convert Account


Covert to Business Account to Person, click dropdown then Convert.png


Step Three - Convert Account

The following information will be used to create a Person Account.

1. Enter the First Name 

2. Enter the Last Name

2. Click the drop-down button and click Person Account

4. Click Convert to Person Account button. 


Convert to Business Account to Person, click convert .png


In the Details tab, you can see the Business Account is now converted to a Person Account. 


Convert Business Account to Person, completed.png

What's Next

This is what was achieved and what was omitted in this how-to.