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Create Sales Up as BDC Rep


The BDC toggle feature allows a Business Development Center to assign Sales Ups (leads) to different store locations, assign a BDC rep to the Sales Up and assign the Salesperson 1.

 After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Create a New Sales Up as a BDC Rep for multiple locations. 




Step One: Activate the In BDC Toggle Button and Set Store Location

Once the In BDC toggle button is activated a new field called Store Location will appear in the New Sales Up module. In order to assign a Sales Up to a different store location, the user must have access to BDC capabilities. Follow the steps below to begin.

  1. Click the My Dealership Utility Bar.
  2. Click the In BDC toggle button to activate.
  3. To change to a different Dealership, use the Quick Search to search and filter through different store locations then click the Select button. For this example, Anderson Motors will be selected. 

Any SalesUp created will now default to the selected Store Location (Anderson Motors).


BDC New Sales Up for Lightning, toggle on In BDC button.png


Step Two: Create New Sales Up

Now that the BDC Store Location is set the next step is to create a SalesUp. 

  1. From the DealerTeam Sales App, click the Sales Up drop-down arrow located in the tab bar.
  2. Click New Sales Up.  




3. Select the Sales Up Record type then click Next


BDC New Sales Up for Lightning, select record type.png


New SalesUp created has a default Store Location of Anderson Motors. Complete entering information for the rest of the fields, Customer Account, Lead Type, Source, Lead Status, Stock # (vehicle of interest), and Comments then click Create New

Default SalesUp layout after BDC location is selected, Create Sales Up as a BDC Rep.png


New SalesUp created by the BDC Rep

All values selected from the Create New SalesUp modal are now on the new SalesUp. The BDC Rep is User User and Owner is User User. 

New BDC SalesUp, Create SalesUp as a BDC Rep.png


Set the Salesperson 1

Salesperson 1 will be the Salesperson selected to handle the lead from the BDC Center. In this example, John Doe from Anderson Motors will be the new recipient of this lead.

Click the Pencil icon on Salesperson 1 field (see image above) and use the lookup tool to select the Salesperson handling the SalesUp (lead). 

Set Salesperson 1, Create SalesUp as a BDC Rep.png


A completed SalesUp as a BDC Rep

To edit field values, click the desired field pencil icon and select an option.

Completed BDC SalesUp, Create SalesUp as a BDC Rep.png