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Create Sales Up from the Account


Learn how to create a Sales Up from the Account record.


When starting a New Sales Up from the Business Account the Account Name will populate the Customer Account. The Sales Up will record the Account Contact in the Buyer field and provide personal information to conduct follow-up. 


Step One: Search Account

Use the Global Search to find the account you would like to create a new Sales Up for. If there is not an existing account, you will need to create one. See Create a New Account.

Create Sales Up from Account, search for Account 2.png


Step Two: Create a New Sales Up

1. Click the Sales tab

2. Click New

Create Sales Up from Account, clicks Sales tab then New 2.png


Step Three: Select a Record Type 

There are 3 Record Types to choose from. Select a Record Type then click next.

Standard Sales Up
Standard transaction where selling an Inventory Vehicle and potentially taking in a Trade-In. 
Curb Purchase
A transaction where the dealership purchases a vehicle from a customer without selling an Inventory Vehicle. 
Equipment Only
A transaction used to sell equipment only to a customer for use on their own vehicle chassis. 

Create Sales Up from Account, select Record Type.png


Step Four: Create a New Sales Up

Select a Contact

Now you will be driven to the Sales Up screen. The Buyer field pick list is derived from the contacts within the account. If the Account contains a contact, their information will automatically load in the Buyer field. If there are more than 2 contacts, click into the Buyer field and select one. 

Create Sales Up from Account, select Contact.png


Select the Lead Type

Select one of the following Lead Types.

Create Sales Up from Account, select Lead Type.png


Select a Source

The Source helps determine where the lead learned about your offer.

Create Sales Up from Account, select a Source.png


Select the Lead Status

Select the Status based on the stage the lead is in during the sales process. 

Create Sales Up from Account, select the Lead Status.png


Search Vehicle Inventory

Search by entering a VIN, Stock #, Year, Make, or Model and select one.

Once all the desired fields are completed, Click Create New.

Create Sales Up from Account, search Vehicle Inventory.png