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Create a Delivery Repair Order for Service


As a Service Adviser you will need to be able to take information from a Deal and transfer that into the Service Department to order parts and assign the work to a Technician.

In order to work consistently with your Sales Department, you need to be able to install the parts and make modifications to the vehicle being sold. This guide will show you how to translate the information the Sales Department has already gathered in order to make a clear and concise Delivery Repair Order.

Delivery Repair Orders are created ONLY from a Deal.


Create a Delivery Repair Order from a Deal

Any time the Sales Department needs to coordinate with the Service Department the Delivery Repair Order is the easiest way to take what parts from a deal are needed and move them into the Service Department. To start, you will need to have a Deal with work that needs to be performed on the Vehicle prior to Delivery to the customer. Go to your Deal to review the Equipment Tab:



Create Delivery Repair Order

In this example, there are two parts and one labor line that needs to be done to this vehicle prior to delivery of the vehicle to the customer. Again, in this case, all of these parts and labor are part of the Deal to purchase a vehicle. We can transfer all this information directly to the repair order by clicking on the Key (Delivery) tab:

Click on the Create Delivery Repair Order button, click the Save button ( Red Disk ) and then refresh your screen :



Created Delivery Repair Order

Now in the upper corner, you will see a link to the Delivery repair Order that you have created (ie: RO#S2-7140). Click on the Blue Arrow Icon to go to the newly created Delivery Repair Order. There are a few key differences between a Delivery Repair Order and a Standard Repair Order. First and foremost is the Billing of the Delivery Repair Order. The default payer type for all Delivery Repair Order is Internal, The Default Operation Code for all lines that come over is Get Ready. The key thing to remember on a Get Ready RO is that the billing for all work performed and all parts that are purchased revert back to the Deal itself. Any payments relating to the Delivery Repair Order are collected at the Deal level, so the Delivery Repair Order should always be Internal. So we can move over to the Delivery Repair Order itself:



Internal Charges and Assigning Tech

First off, note the charges will show in the Internal Labor Charges Group, there should not be any additional charges in any other categories. Go ahead and assign the Technician that will be doing the work to the vehicle, click the Edit button on that line to have the drop-down menu appear. Select the Technician you will have doing the work and if your Labor Rate is not automatically assigned enter that as well. Then click the Update button for that line. If you have a default Internal billing rate once you assign the work to a technician it will update your internal charges to the new rate. 



Check Stock and Process a Part

Next, you can Process the Parts needed to complete the Delivery Repair Order. Expand the line you wish to process and click the Edit Button and the following Dialog will appear:

If you have Stock of the part you are looking for at any of your affiliated locations, it will show on the upper right. If you have stock On Hand in your local store or if you have Parts On order at your local store you will see it listed in the center of the screen. You also have the ability to determine how much you will bill the Deal for the part by manipulating the Sale Price. For now, you can change the Quantity requested to 1. If you utilize a Centralized Parts Team this may be slightly different. You can process any other parts needed in the same way. Notice that Shop Supplies or any other part from the "Add Other" line on the deal will not transfer over to your Delivery Repair Order. If you need to charge for Freight or Shipping on a delivery repair order you can add that to the relevant line and the charge will be billed directly to originating Deal.


One thing we did not address on this is the Schedule. Like a standard Repair Order you can add this to your schedule by modifying the date and time in and out and assigning the job to a service technician as outlined in Service Repair Order on the Schedule