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Create a New Sales Up for Lightning


Learn how to create a new Sales Up for Lightning.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to create a new Sales Up
  • Select the Record Type
  • Add a Customer Account
  • Know when to use a Suggested Sales Up
  • Use the duplicate catcher


Step One: Navigate to New Sales Up

  1. From the DealerTeam Sales App, click the Sales Up drop-down arrow located in the tab bar.
  2. Click New Sales Up.  




Step Two: Select the Record Type

Your organization my have custom Record Types to choose from. The examples below are default Record Types. Choose the desired Record Type and click Next.  


New Sales Up for Lightning - Record Select.png


Step Three: Customer Account Information

  1. Customer Account is a look-up field to existing Accounts. The Account contact information will add to the sales up record when created. Entered the Customer Account and include details like Lead Type, Source, Lead Status. Typically the Stock# and Comments will be added to the record when the Salesperson collects more information.  

Click Create new to save the record and continue to the Sales Up.


New Sales Up for Lightning - Create SUP.png


  1. Choose the Suggested Sales Up record when the Customer Account information matches the suggested sales up. This will open the existing record and not create a new Sales Up.

 A system prompt will ask you to confirm the Sales Up record selected:

  • Click OK to navigate to the suggested Sales Up record.   
  • Click Cancel to return. 



New Sales Up, navigate to existing Sales Up 2.png


How to Select an Existing Account

From the Customer Account look-up field, begin typing any name. Click on the Account Name in the search results to choose an existing Account. 


New Sales Up for Lightning - Type Account Name.png

How to Create a New Account

From the Customer Account look-up field:

  1. Click in the Customer Account field to bring up the + New Account line.
  2. Click + New Account and create a new Account record.

The Customer Account will be populated with the Account created. 

New Sales Up for Lightning - Search Account 2.png


Duplicate Accounts

It is best to avoid creating duplicate accounts. At a minimum, enter the First Name and Last Name for a Person Account and Name for a Business Account to search for duplicates. As you type information into fields, the system will warn you of any possible matches. 

To open and review the suggested duplicate Account, click View Duplicate.

New Sales Up for Lightning - View Duplicates warning message.png


When none of the potential duplicates match, Click Save to create the new account.