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Create a New Sales Up for Lightning


Learn how to create a new Sales Up for Lightning.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate the lightning experience to create a new Sales Up
  • Select the Record Type
  • Understand the suggested records modules
  • Use the duplicate catcher


Attention, Users!

Salesforce has two different desktop user interface: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This module is designed for Lightning Experience


Step One: Navigate to New Sales Up

  1. From the DealerTeam Sales App, click the Sales Up drop-down arrow located in the tab bar.
  2. Click New Sales Up.  




Step Two: Select the Record Type

Your organization my have custom Record Types, so choose from what's available. The examples below are standard DealerTeam Record Types.   

Standard Sales Up
Standard transaction when selling a Vehicle to a customer and potentially taking in a Trade.
Curb Purchase
A transaction where the dealership is only purchasing a vehicle from a customer.
Equipment Only
A transaction used to sell equipment only to a customer for use on their own vehicle chassis. 

To complete the process choose the Record Type and click Next. 


New Sales Up for Lightning - Record Select.png


Step Three: Complete Information

To create a new Sales Up, simply fill out all the required fields and click Next

  1. When available, always include Customer Account, Lead Type, Source, Lead Status, Stock# and Comments. The Customer Account must be selected and will populate contact information for the sales up.
  2. Suggested Sales Ups - Use a suggested Sales Ups when the existing record matches the Customer Account information entered.  

The Suggested Sales Up module provides the option to choose existing Sales Ups. Choosing a suggested match will open the existing record, rather than create a new one.


New Sales Up, select an account.png


Select an Existing Account

Begin typing in the Customer Account field to look for existing Accounts. Click the name of the Account to select as the Customer Account for your new Sales Up.

New Sales Up for Lightning - Type Account Name.png



Create a New Account

If the Account you're looking for doesn't exist you will need to create one. Click the line with the magnifying glass to go to Account search.

New Sales Up for Lightning - Search Account.png


  1. Click in the Customer Account field to bring up the + New Account line.
  2. Click + New Account to start creating the Account record.

New Sales Up for Lightning - Search Account 2.png


Select the Account record type and click Next.

New Sales Up for Lightning - New Account Modal.png


Duplicate Accounts

Enter as much information as you have about the contact. At minimum, First Name and Last Name for a Person Account and Name for a Business Account. As you complete information the system will warn you of any possible duplicates. To create the Account and return to the Sales Up click Save.

New Sales Up for Lightning - Duplicates.png

Select Existing Sales Up

Choosing a suggested match will open the existing record, rather than create a new one. A system prompt will confirm the record you've selected before the action navigates away from the New Sales Up screen. Click Cancel when the selected record is incorrect. 

Click OK to navigate to the suggested Sales Up record and continue working with the existing record.   


New Sales Up, navigate to existing Sales Up 2.png


Create New Sales Up

Now that you have entered an account and the important details of the Sales Up, click Create new to save the record and continue with the Sales Up.

New Sales Up for Lightning - Create SUP.png