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Desk a Deal


How to create a Deal in DealerTeam and complete the information on each tab of the screen.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Create a deal from a Sales Up
  • Add lender and payments
  • Add warranty and insurance
  • Add after market items
  • Capture insurance information
  • Record Fees
  • Print  Forms
  • Schedule Delivery
  • Communicate with the team


Attention Users,
Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This article is designed for Salesforce Classic.


Create a Deal from the Sales Up

Once the Sales Up has an Account, desired vehicle and a Trade In if applicable click the Create Car Deal button to create a deal and display the deal screen. The deal screen has multiple tabs to manage each aspect of desking a deal. The Customer, Vehicle, and Trade In tabs will be completed with the information from the Sales Up.

click create car deal button


Add Lender and Payments

On the Lender tab choose the Finance Company who will fund the deal and enter any Deferred Payment Amounts or other Additional Payments.

Lender tab


Add Warranty and Insurance Products

On the Warranty tab search for potential warranties and insurance products. By entering search terms or choosing a product type the list will filter though just clicking Search will produce a full list of options. Select one or more products by clicking the Select link on the appropriate line. Once selected the price or cost can be modified by typing in the field or removed by clicking the Remove link. Click the Save button.

Warranty tab


Add Aftermarket Items

From the Aftermarket Items tab choose either the Quick Add button or the Advanced Search button to find Aftermarket Items available to add to the Deal. Choosing the Quick Add button allows type ahead searching by description while clicking the Advanced Search button allows searching by Manufacturer, Part Number or Description. Once selected, the aftermarket item will get added to the deal with prices and costs that are stored in the Parts Kit template and a We Owe is created that can get converted into a Service Appointment or a Service Repair Order.

Aftermarket items tab


Capture Insurance Information

On the insurance tab record insurance information about the customers insurance as necessary to release a vehicle to them.

Insurance tab


Record Fees

Capture and record fees related to selling a vehicle, often derived from state DMV websites.

Fees tab


Print Forms

Sale forms get programmed and stored for each dealership. These forms are printed on demand for customer signature to complete the deal. To print a laser form simply click the Print Laser Form button. To print an impact form (dot matrix) first check the Enable Impact Forms checkbox and enter the name of the printer then click a Print Impact Form button.

Forms tab


Schedule Vehicle Delivery

Schedule the details of the vehicle delivery so that the whole team is on the same page and the customer receives the best experience with the dealership. Choose fields specific to the specific processes of the dealership.


Communicate with the Team

The chatter tab drives productivity by communicating with the team in context of the Deal. Using Chatter there is no need to search through the email inbox to find out the status or deliverables. Create actions to automate business processes and facilitate smooth dealership operations.

Chatter tab