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Desk a Deal Lightning


A Deal is a combination of Sales Up information, a Quote and finalizing paperwork to complete a purchase. Create the Deal when the customer wants to begin the quoting process.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to the sales up record
  • Navigate to the deal
  • Create a new deal
  • Explain the sections that make a deal


Note: Reference Deal fields to help fill out all sections of the deal. Due to the length of this article use the table of contents, on the right, to jump to a specific portion of the article. 


Step One: Navigate to a Sales Up Record or Deal

It is suggested to Create a Deal from a Sales Up record. Sales Up data will be copied over to the Deal. A Deal record can be created from scratch form the Deal object. The advantages when a Deal is created from the Sales Up are Buyer, Vehicle, and Trade-in information will transfer over, salespersons can track their close-ratios and other important records are automatically related.


Navigate to a Sales Up Record

  1. Click the App Launcher icon.

1 Desk a Deal- app launcher.png


  1. Enter Sales Up in the quick find area.
  2. Click Sales Up.

2 Desk a Deal- deal navi.png


  1. Select desired Sales Up.

2 Desk a Deal- sup record.png


Navigate to the Deal Records List

  1. From the App Launcher enter Deals in the quick find area.
  2. Click Deals.

2.2 Desk a Deal- deal navi.png


Step Two: Create a New Deal

From Sales Up Record

  1. Click the Create Deal button.

3 Desk a Deal- create deal btn.png


From Deal Records List

  1. Click New.

3 Desk a Deal- new btn.png


  1. Click the Create Deal button if the deal is being created from a Sales Up.
  2. If the deal is not being created from a Sales Up click Create New Deal From Scratch

4 Desk a Deal- create deal btn.png


Note: To find a specific Sales Up use the search bar.


Deal Header

The Deal Header Contains (a) Related Deals, (b) Deal #, (c) Account Name,  (d) Deal Type, (e) Return to Deals button, and (f) Help button.

6 Desk a Deal- Deal Header.png

Deal Tabs

Navigate the sections of the Deal with the deal tabs. Deal tabs are comprised of action buttons and deal sections. The action buttons include the Save button and the Return to Deals button. The deal sections contain Deal, Buyer,  Vehicle, Equipment, Service Contract, Delivery, Purchase, and Forms. Fill in each section to build out the Deal.

5 Desk a Deal- Desk Tabs.png


Save Button

The save button is located at the top of the deal tab on the left of the screen. When the save button is red and flashing there are unsaved changes. When the save button is blue the deal is saved and up to date. Be sure to save changes before leaving the page or any information added will be lost. 

4 Desk a Deal- save btn.png 4.2 Desk a Deal- save btn.png



The Deal Tab Contains:

(a) Deal Recap The Deal Recap contains pricing information. Fields with the blue link icon will auto-fill as the other tabs are filled out. 
(b) Deal Date Track the day the deal is started and the date vehicle was delivered.
(c) Lender & Payment Information Select a lender and enter payment information.
(d) Sales Team Track the sales team helping close the deal.

7 Desk a Deal- Deal tab.png


Select Tax Zone

Learn more by reading Creating Tax Zones and Regions.

  1. Click Tax Zone dropdown.
  2. Select the Tax Zone.

7 Desk a Deal- select tax zone.png



The Buyer will get automatically loaded when the Deal is created from the sales up and the screen will adapt to whether the Account is an individual or a Business. If changes are made to the Buyer or Co-Buyer contact information it will update the Account record if the Save to Account field is checked.

The Buyer tab contains:

(a)  Buyer Buyer contact information
(b) Co-Buyer  Co-applicant contact information
(c) Broker / Referrer Broker or referral information.
(d) Additional Title Information Enter title information if differs from buyer info.

8 Desk a Deal- Buyer tab.png



The Vehicle tab contains:

(a) Vehicle Inventory Details Information of vehicle to be purchased.
(b) Trade-Ins Information of appraised vehicle to be traded in

9 Desk a Deal- Vehicle tab.png



Follow the steps below to add a trade in to the deal.

  1. Click Add Trade-In.

10 Desk a Deal- trade-in btn.png


  1. Fill out the Trade-In information.
  2. Click Save changes.

11 Desk a Deal- trade-in.png


Note: Select completed Appraisals from dropdown to auto-fill the fields 



Follow the steps below to add equipment and additional charges to the deal.

  1. Enter <Equipment> in the search bar.
  2. Click the + icon on the desired equipment.

12 Desk a Deal- Available equipment.png


Additional Charges

For Additional Charges click the button corresponding to the related charge.

13 Desk a Deal- Additional charge.png


Service Contract

Search for potential warranties and insurance products under the Service Contracts tab. Follow the steps below to add service contracts to the deal.

  1. Enter the <Contract> in the search bar.
  2. Click the + icon on the desired contract.

14 Desk a Deal- service contract.png


Note: Contracts can be filtered by Type: Extended Service Contract, Maintenance Contract, GAP, and  Roadside Protection.


  1. Enter <Contract Info>.
  2. Click Save.

15 Desk a Deal- service contract save.png



Fill in third-party delivery details If the deal is being delivered.

The Delivery tab contains:

(a) Delivery Information Address and date of delivery.
(b) Delivery Repair Order Creates an RO for added equipment added to the deal.
(c) Deal Close-Out Take sold unit out of inventory and add the trade into inventory.
(d) Insurance Information Insurance information for the delivery.


16 Desk a Deal- delivery.png



Select any third party payer with the amount and expected date of payment. Set deal fees and add rebates. To set up default deal fees read Add Sales Fees to Location.

The Purchase tab contains:

(a) Funding Sources Third party payer information.
(b) Fees Fees added to the deal.
(c) Manufacturer Rebate Any rebates to be added to deal.
(d) Taxes Taxes to be charged to the deal.
(e) Cashiering - Payments Received Track payments made on the deal used for accounting.

17 Desk a Deal- purchase.png



Sale forms get programmed and stored for each org. These forms are printed on demand for customer signature to complete the deal. Assign Forms to a Location to appear by default. Follow the steps below to add forms to the deal.

  1. Click the + icon on the desired forms.

18 Desk a Deal- forms.png


  1.  Click the printer icon to print the form.

19 Desk a Deal- print form.png


Note: Learn more about Printing Forms on a Deal


What's Next

 Learn about other tools such as selecting Percentage or Dollar Values in Deal and Hide Cost and Profit Figures on Deals.