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Desk a Mobility Deal


How to create a Mobility Deal in DealerTeam and complete the information on each tab of the screen.

After completing this how-to you will know how to desk a deal in the DealerTeam Mobility Management System

Attention Users!

Salesforce has two different desktop user interfaces: Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic. This article is designed for Salesforce Classic


Create a Deal

The best practice for creating a deal is to do so from the Sales Up as the Sales Up drives the sales process and closing metrics. If the sales process begins with a quick quote a Deal and Sales Up can get created simultaneously from the Deal tab.

To create a deal from the Sales Up click the New Mobility Deal button or to create one from the Deal tab click the Create New Deal from Scratch button.

New deals created from a Sales Up include the Account plus the Desired Vehicle and Trade In(s) as applicable. Adding a Trade In after you Create New Deal from Scratch is also supported when creating a deal from the Deal tab.


Deal Button on Sales Up

Create a mobility deal from a Sales Up

New Deal Button on Deal Tab

Create a quick quote from the Deal Tab


Navigate the Deal Screen

The Deal screen is divided among a series of tabs visible along the left side of the screen. Hovering over the tab's icon displays the title. The tabs in order are;  Save, Deal Recap, Buyer, Vehicle, Equipment, Service Contracts, Purchase, Delivery, Forms.

The Save tab will glow red when new data on the deal needs to be saved.

In the top left of the screen, you can clone a deal or choose additional deals related to the same Sales Up using the Select Other Deals drop down menu. Primary Deal will be displayed next to the Deal# if this deal is synced with the Sales Up.

When a deal is not the primary deal the indicator is replaced with a Set as Primary button. Click Set as Primary next to the deal number to set this as the new Primary Deal. 

Navigate the deal screen with buttons on the left



The Buyer will get automatically loaded when the Deal is created from the sales up and the screen will adapt to whether the Account is an individual or a Business. If changes are made to the Buyer or Co-Buyer contact information it will update the Account record if the Save to Account box is checked.

The Buyer will get automatically loaded when the Deal is created from the sales



Change deal typeTo switch between the types of deals use the drop-down.

Select Chassis/Conversion for deals with in-stock inventory and for direct orders from the manufacturer. To mark a Deal as an order from the manufacturer, simply select the check box Order. 

Choose Equipment Only when working a conversion deal for a customer's existing vehicle.



The Trade-Ins section of the deal screen will display trade-ins captured on the sales up. Edit Trade-In information by clicking the pencil. To add a new trade-in from the deal, click the Add Trade-In button. Click the trash can icon to delete a trade-in.

Add trade to a mobility deal.



Find the right equipment by entering a term in the search box and/or filtering by Manufacturer, Category, and Sub-Category. Additionally, you can add individual Parts, Labor or Sublet items. Once selected, the item will get added to the deal with prices and costs that are stored in the Parts Kit template.

Parts kits will get broken into component parts to allow taxes to get assessed for each part individually and each kit will be identified by a different color blaze in the bottom left of the item.

Change prices or costs of items by clicking the pencil icon on the right side of the item to open edit mode. To remove an item click the trash icon. To remove all the items from a parts kit click the DELETE KIT link at the right side of the color blaze.

Find the right equipment by entering a term in the search box and/or filtering by Manufacturer, Category, and Sub-Category.


Service Contracts

Search for potential warranties and insurance products under the Service Contracts tab. Use the Filter by Type field to filter Extended Service Contracts, Maintenance Contract, and Gap.

Select one or more products by clicking the "+" button or by dragging the appropriate product from the available pane to the selected pane.

Once selected the Price, Cost and other details can be modified. Click the pencil to Edit or the trash Can to Delete.

Add or edit a service contract



On the Purchase tab select any 3rd party payor with their amount and expected date of payment. Also, can add claim number or any notes that need to be referenced to the payor in the  Customer Notes/Ref field. This will reflect on the Mobility Invoice under the Customer Information.

Set deal fees and add rebates.

TIP: Set up default deal fees see Add Sales Fees to Location

Depending on the configuration taxes may get added automatically or select by clicking the "+ Add Tax" button and selecting the appropriate tax option.

Purchase tab, Adding third party payers.  Adding License fees.  Adding taxes to a deal.



Record delivery address and date as well as insurance information needed for printing sale forms.

You can create an approval process for adding equipment to your deal. To start the process click Submit for Approval. 

The ability to create a repair order from the deal. Click Create delivery Repair Order.

Add insurance info. Start the approval process. Create a repair order from the deal.


Printing Forms

Sale forms get programmed and stored for each org. These forms are printed on demand for customer signature to complete the deal. Select a form by clicking the green "+" button then click the Print button to create a completed PDF for laser forms or send directly to the printer for impact forms. 

Clicking green plus sign to choose the form to be printed to complete transaction.


Page one of Mobility Invoice.

Page one of mobility invoice. All numbers from the deal to have customer sign.


Page 2 of the Mobility Invoice is the equipment added to deal only. These items will not display if you select them to not print from the equipment screen.
Page two Mobility Invoice. Invoice for mobility equipment added to deal only.