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Mobility Deal Approval Process

The approval process is customizable for your organization, this process is only for demonstration purpose only.


1. The Approval Process for the mobility deal will start with the service manager to approve that all equipment and parts to install the equipment are in stock, or make notes to when they will arrive so that the sales manager and salesperson can keep the customer informed of a delivery date.

2. After the service manager has approved it, it will then go to the sales manager on the deal to inspect then approve or reject installation of equipment.

3. When the sales manager approves, it will go back to the service manager for final get ready, clean and fueled.

4. When the service manager approves the final get ready, it will the notify the salesperson for the delivery.



Start by clicking on the equipment tab in the deal. To enter the process click on the Submit For approval button


When clicking the Submit For approval button that will bring up a warning box to ask "Are you sure you want to submit for Approval?" click OK. 

Warning box will appear asking are you sure you would like to start approval process.


After the process has been started the Submit For approval button changes to Recall Approval Request in case you may need to add or remove equipment.  Notice once the process has been started it records the approval process in the deal with names of the approver and a date when the approval took place.

The first step of the approval process is sent to the Service Manager to make sure equipment and parts are available for the sold unit.


All steps in the process notify the approver in their daily work plan in the Items to Approve section. Click on the Approve / Reject to enter the approval request screen. 

The notification to the service manager is sent to his daily work plan under the items to be approved section.


The service manager can make notes in the Comments section with any information he needs to apply to the deal.  He will then Approve or Reject the process. If at any time an approval gets rejected it will take the process back to step one. 

Service manager can make notes in the comments box. and also approve or reject the process.


When the service manager approves it, this will change the status of the deal to Management Approval and the notification will be in the manager of the deals daily work plan in the Items to approve section.

If the Service Manager approves it will change the deal status to Management approval.


The sales manager after inspection of the vehicle can add comments and has the option to Approve or Reject this process. 

This will send the sales manger notification for his approval.


The service final approval will change the status of the deal to delivery, this will create the last approval for the salesperson. 

After Management approval it will then go back to the service manager for final get ready for delivery.


When the salesperson delivers the vehicle he approves his notification and this will change the deal status to delivered. 

After final service approval it will then notify salesperson for delivery.


All the steps in this process are recorded with when a and who made the approvals for future information. 

All steps of the approval process is recorded on the deal in the delivery tab.