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Needs Assessment

This feature details preforming a Needs Assessment when consulting with a mobility customer.


The Needs Assessment is located on the Account record and should be the primary source when collect information about the End-User's condition and specific needs.  

The Needs Analysis is located on the Sales Up record. The information displayed on the Needs Analysis originates from the Account and is identical to the Needs Assessment.

Needs Assessment (Account)

 The Needs Assessment groups information into four sections.  

1. End-User Details 
2. Chair Dimensions   
3. Claim & Recommendations  
4. Assessment History 

needs assessment section on Account record

Needs Analysis (Sales Up)

When working with a customer to find the perfect conversion, use the Needs Analysis section within a Sales Up. The information is identical to the Needs Assessment, as it describes the End-User's unique condition and needs. The difference is that the Needs Analysis is used to determine what vehicle best fits those needs. 

The End User look-up field connects the customer's Account to the Sales Up. Information saved from a previous Needs Assessment will pre-populate the Needs Analysis section. When changes are made to the Need Analysis from the Sales Up, click Save and a system prompt will allow to the Account to be updated.    


Needs Analysis on the Sales Up