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Printing Forms on a Deal


Learn how to print individual and/or multiple forms on a deal.


After completing this article you will be able to

  • Print individual and multiple forms from a Deal
  • Understand how Recommended Forms get added to a Deal  
  • Remove Recommended Forms not to print
  • Select All Forms to Print


Attention Users, This function will only work on Laser and FDF forms and is available in both Lightning and Classic. 


Step One: Navigate to a Deal

From the DealerTeam Sales App ---> Click the Deal Tab ---> Click the Deal Number 

The Global Search can also be used to locate a Deal by searching for Deal #, Account / Customer Name, or Vehicle.    


Search for and Select a Deal.png


Step Two: Forms Tab

From the Deal Screen, click the Forms tab to view the available forms.


Forms Tab on the Deal.png



Step Three: Manage Forms to Print

Does your org have a whole bunch of Deal Forms? Are there certain Forms that get printed on every Deal? Managing Forms on Deals just got a whole lot easier. Here are all the different options. 


Recommended Forms 

As a Prerequisite, the Systems Administrator must Assign Forms to a Location using a formula field to determine what forms will automatically be added to a Deal.

When a Selected Laser Form has a ★ blue star, a formula on the Form Assignment has evaluates to true and the system automatically added forms to the Deal.

Click the Trash Icon to remove any recommended form that doesn't need to print. The form will simply move back to the list of available forms.     


Recommended Form Print.png



Adding Additional Forms

From the list of available forms, click on the green + button to add additional forms to the Selected Laser Forms section. 

Again, Click the Trash Icon to remove a form. 


adding forms to print.png


Print Individual Form

Any form added to Selected Laser Forms can be printed individual in two fashions.  

  1. Click the Printer Icon on the desired form
  2. Select the form checkbox to print and click Print Selected Forms. 


Print a single form.png


Note: Make sure your pop-up blocker is disabled or the PDF form will not generate. Or choose to always allow pop-ups and redirects from


Select All or Multiple forms to Print.

Click the checkbox next to the Print Selected Forms button to default all forms in the Selected Laser Forms section to print. The Example shows All (4) Forms have been selected to print.

Alternatively, select the individual checkboxes of the forms desired and have just those forms print. Both processes will create the forms in PDF format to easily be downloaded, emailed or printed.  

Click Print Selected Forms when ready to print. 


Select All Forms Option.png