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Use the Close Deal Button


After completing this article you will know how to use the Close Deal button and what to expect when a deal is closed.

When Closing a Deal with a Trade-In attached there are two things that will happen.

  1. The inventoried vehicle record will update the In-Stock checkbox to false (unchecked) and the pick-list Status updates to Sold.
  2. The Trade-In is added to inventory and a vehicle record is created. In-Stock checkbox is true (checked) and the pick-list Status is set to Inspected. 

The Close Deal button helps save time by reducing user-clicks and eliminates errors by automatically updating your in-stock inventory in real-time. 

Prerequisites for this Article:  

  1. The Deal has a desired vehicle attached.
  2. The Deal has a Trade-In vehicle attached (with or without an appraisal)


The Close Deal Button 

From the Deal screen, click the Delivery Tab and then click the Close Deal button. 


Close a Deal 1.png


Changes to Sold Vehicle  

Closing the Deal will complete two updates on the inventoried vehicle record. The In Stock checkbox will be marked out of stock and the Status will be updated to Sold.

To check the updated fields, open the Vehicle Inventory record. 


Close a Deal, vehicle inventory 1.png



Changes to Trade-In Vehicle 

The trade-in vehicle will get a Stock # and be added to the vehicle inventory as a new record.  The In Stock checkbox will be marked true and the Status will be set to Inspected.

To find the new vehicle record you can search by stock number or look at the recent items list Under the Vehicle Inventory Tab.


Close a Deal, tradein 1.png