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Add a Contact to an Account


Learn how to add a Contact to a Business Account. Contacts are used to collect information such as company title, driver's license,  mobile phone number, etc.

Contacts are added to Business Accounts as persons responsible for purchases and product procurements. More than one Contact can be added to collect persons Emails, record logged calls, and create follow-up tasks for Account interactions.     

Select an Account 

Search for Accounts  

Enter the Account name in the Global Search to find an existing Account.  

Quick Find Recently Viewed Accounts 

(1) Click the Account tab, (2) select the desired Account from your Recently Viewed list.  

Click Account from Account tab, Add Contact to an Account.png


Create a New Contact

Activity is the default tab displayed when viewing an Account record.

To create a new contact: (1) click the Contacts tab then (2) click New.

Click Contacts tab then New, Add Contact to an Account.png


Collect Contact Information

Under the Contact Information edit screen, complete the required fields and desired information.

click Save

Add Contact Information, Add Contact to an Account.png


Maria Garcia has now been created as a new Contact for the Account.