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Complete Tasks


The best practice when working a lead is to keep your tasks up to date and make sure new tasks are being created for future follow up.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Complete a Task 
  • Log Call
  • Create a new task for future follow up

Step One: Navigate to your Home tab

  1. Click the Home Tab.
  2. Today will be the default but you have choices to view All Overdue, My Tasks will view all, and Completed Within last 7 Days.
  3. Click on the Sales Up link to take you to the Activity tab on the Sales Up.

Todays task


Step Two: Complete the task

1. From the Activity tab on the Sales Up.

2. Click the checkbox after the task has been complete. Make any notes from the task in Log a Call

Complete task

Note: Always create a follow-up task to keep your Sales Ups Active with follow up.

Step Three: Create your next follow up task

1. Still in the Activity tab select New Task

2. Add in the Subject a note for yourself for the new task. (Hint) The Subject will show up on your Home page when viewing your tasks.

3. Enter the date you want the follow up to take place.

Click Save
Create new task