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Completing Tasks From the Home Page

Learn how to use the hover feature when closing task and logging a contact from your home page.


After completing this how-to you will be able to properly complete tasks from your home page. Your work plan will be organized and easy to analyze. 

My Tasks

Located in the Task section on the Home Page, click the blue X next to the task to be completed. This feature is a shortcut that will open the Task Edit screen and automatically change the status to completed. There are multiple ways to close a task but this is by far the most efficient.    

Close a Task using Blue-X

Task Edit 

From the task edit screen be sure to add comments before saving the task. All completed tasks are saved in activity history and detailed comments build a conversation thread documenting the interaction with the customer. 

activity history  

Click Save & New Task (Best Practice)

Open tasks are a great way to keep up with working prospects. It is highly recommended to use the Save & New Task button when completing tasks. If a record has no open activities it can be easily forgotten. 
Save & New Task will close the completed task and open the New Task screen. Set a Due date and click Save.

new task screen


Click Save to complete the task and remove it from your work plan with a comment of why you will not be following up with this customer. 

Task Edit Page