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Create a New Account


Accounts represent an individual customer, organization or partner involved with business. Learn how to Create a new Person or Business Account.

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After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to the accounts page
  • Create a new account
  • Know the difference between person accounts and business accounts
  • Verify the new account


Step One: Navigate to the Accounts Page

  1. From the  Sales app click the Accounts drop-down on the navbar.
  2. Click New Account.

1 Create a new account-  new account btn.png


Step Two: Create an Account

  1. Select the account RECORD type.
  2. Click Next.

Create an Account, select record type.png


Record Types Defined

  • A Person Account is any customer acting as an individual
  • A Business Account is preferred when there will be one or more contacts interacting with the dealership under a single entity. 
  1. Fill in the required Last Name field.

3 Create a new account- required field.png



Attention! While the only required field is Last Name, accounts have other fields such as: naming fields, address information and other descriptive fields.


  1. Click Save after all desired fields have values.

4 Create a new account- save.png


Step Three: Verify Account

  1. To go to the account list view click the Accounts tab on the navbar.
  2. Select the newly created Account.

5 Create a new account- account list view.png


View the account record detail.

6 Create a new account- account record.png