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Create a New Sales Appointment


Create a new Sales Appointment to be viewed from the Events section on your home page.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to a sales up
  • Create a new sales appointment
  • Verify appointment


Step One: Navigate to a Sales Up Record

  1. From the DealerTeam Sales app Click Sales Up.



2. Select a Sales Up record.



Step Two: Create a Sales Appointment 

  1. Click the New Sales Appointment button in the header of the Sales Up.



  1. Enter Date & Time field.
  2. Click Save.

1 create service appt - date & time.png


Step Three: Verify Appointment

The Sales appointment can be verified from the:

  • Sales Up Record
  • Home Screen
  • Calendar


Sales Up Record

  1. From the Sales Up Record click the Activity Tab to see the appointment below.

2 create service appt - activity tab.png


Home Screen

From the home screen the present day appoints can be viewed  under the Today's events tile.

3 create service appt - todays events.png



  1. To view all events on the calendar click the View Calendar link.

view calendar.png


The events will be located on the calendar.

5 create service appt - calendar.png