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Log a Contact

Gain coverage over completed tasks and keep important details saved in a conversation thread when logging your contacts.


How to Log a Contact on a Sales Up

This article explains how to log a contact when working a prospect. When you log a contact it records an activity that has already happened. 


Step 1: Open the Sales Up

From any open Sales Up record, hover over the Activity History related list to display the Log Contact button. 


hover over activity history

Keep the cursor in the box and click Log Contact.  

log contact button

The Task Edit page will open to log the call. The task information will be assigned to the current user by default, along with the subject, and today's date. The status will be marked Completed by default because logged calls are recorded as activity history.

When you log a call from a Sales Up, the system will automatically relate the customer contact with the task.

The final step is to include a brief description in the comments box as to what took place on the call.

Click Save to log the call... 

task edit page explained

If you do not already have a task set up for this customer, it is best practice to schedule an immediate follow-up task. This can be done in the Schedule follow-up task section of the Task Edit page before clicking Save.