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Schedule Appointments

Learn the best practice when scheduling sales appointments.


After completing this how-to you will be able to schedule a sales appointment. To accomplish this task, a sales up record needs to be created for the customer. Learn how to create a New Sales Up.    

First Step: Sales Up Tab

Begin by clicking the Sales Up tab. 


Sales Up Tab

Second Step: Choose the Record

Then continue by clicking the desired lead name to open the Sales Up record. For this example we will open the Sales Up record for Janis Mendez.

Choose the desired sales up record

Third Step: Create Appointment Button

From the open record click the Create Appointment button located at the top of the page.  

Create Appointment button


Using the Create Appointment button is the best practice because the required fields Assigned To and Customer will be pre-populated from the connected Sales Up. To complete the sales appointment fill in all required fields and click Save.

Set a new appointment

Required Fields for a Sales Appointment

Assigned To vs Set By
By default, the user who creates the appointment will display in both Assigned To and Set By fields. Managers have the ability to use the Assigned To look-up field and create appointments for other active users. In this case, the Set By field will display the manager's name. 
This field is pre-populated from the related customer. The look-up icon gives the user the ability to search for a different customer if desired.
Appointment Type
The default picklist values are First Visit, Be Back, Delivery, and Post-Sale. 
Sales Up
This field is pre-populated from the related Sales Up. The look-up icon gives the user the ability to search for a different sales-up if desired.
Appointment Date
If the appointment is Today, click the provided today's date shortcut listed to the right of the field. To schedule the appointment for a future date, click inside the blank field and open a calendar to choose the desired date. 
Click inside the blank field to set the time. 

Final Step: Locate the Sales Appointment


The actual appointment APT-1603300 will be saved to the Sales Up record for Janis Mendez under the Sales Appointment related list. Use the hover feature to view the appointment from the top of the sales up or click the hyperlink and view the same related list at the bottom of the record. 

locate the sales appointment

helpNote_icon.gifNOTE: A calendar reminder for the sale appointment will display on the assigned user's Home Page as an Event.

Home Page Calendar Reminder         This is NOT the actual sales appointment but a reminder.