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Tasks vs Events

Learn the difference between a Task and an Event.

Tasks vs Events



Tasks are a "point in time" (no duration) record of an activity, such as a logged call, a reminder, or an email. Tasks can be set in the future and have due dates and statuses (not started, completed, etc...). Tasks will show in red on the home page when they are over due and must be manually closed. 

 Examples of tasks:

  • A list of phone calls you need to make
  • An email that needs to be sent.

my task pane



A calendar event is scheduled for a specific day and time. Events have a start and end time, which tasks do not. They can have invitees (Tasks can't). Appointments by default do not have a status but can be marked show or no show. They show up on your calendar as a time block to represent the duration. When an event passes the end time it drops of your calendar automatically. 

 Examples of events:

  • Meetings
  • Scheduled Conference Calls


events calendar pane