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Assign Advisor and Technicians to Appointments


When scheduling Service Appointments learn how to quickly assign a Service Advisor or Technician.

To accomplish this goal, Users must be set to a Location and designated as a Technician and/or Advisor. Click here to learn more.   

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Create appointments in the Scheduler
  • Assign a Technician  

Step One: Navigate to the Scheduler 

  1. Begin by navigating to the Service Department App.
  2. Click the Scheduler Tab. 


scheduler tab


Step Two: Schedule a Service Appointment

  1. Use the Scheduler to choose the desired Location. 
  2. Schedule a Service Appointment by double clicking an available time slot under the desired Tech/Advisor column.   

assign techs/advisor to appointment

Step Three: Appointment Details  

Use the pop-up Event Modal to enter Customer and Vehicle details to the appointment. Standard Op Codes can also be used to add job lines to the appointment for the Technician to review the customer's concern. Different colors can be used to indicate the type of Service Appointment. 

The Technician field will be set by default from the column you double-clicked in Step Two. To assign a different users to the appointment, use the drop down arrow and search for other available Technicians. Click on the Name of the Technician to assign the appointment to them.   

Click Save.  


write a service appointment


Step Four: Locate the Appointment on the Scheduler  

The Service Appointment will show under the technician column for Brock Coleman on the Date and Time scheduled. The appointment can be dragged and dropped to quickly reschedule or edited by double clicking.  


set apt shown on scheduler