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Assign Advisor and Technicians to Appointments

Each scheduled event can be linked to either an Advisor or a Service Technician


When scheduling service appointments learn how to quickly assign a Service Advisor or Technician. To accomplish this goal a system administrator will first have to mark designated Users as a Technician and/or Advisor. 

First Step

Begin by working from the Service Department App and clicking on the Scheduler Tab. 

scheduler tab

Second Step

Use the Scheduler to assign a Service Appointment by double clicking a time slot under the desired Tech/Advisor.   

assign techs/advisor to appointment

Third Step

The Event screen will pop up when a time slot is double clicked in the scheduler and set the Adv/Tech field by default.  To look up a different users to assign to the appointment, use the drop down arrow and search for the Adv/Tech. Click on the name to assign that person as shown in the example.   

Click Save.  

write a service appointment

The Scheduler will show the blue Customer Service appointment under the column for Brock Coleman.

set apt shown on scheduler