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Changing the Order of Technicians on the Scheduler


Edit the Sequence Number under the Dealer Location User record. The sequence number affects the order in which the technician is displayed on the Service Scheduler.

Before you get started make sure the Sequence # field has been added to the Dealer Location User page layout and your profile has permissions to View and Edit the record.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to the dealer location user record
  • Edit the sequence number
  • Change the order of technicians on the service scheduler 


Step One: Navigate to the Dealer Location User Record

  1. Click the App Launcher icon.



  1. Type Locations in the Search Bar.
  2. Click Locations.

1.2 1.3.png


  1. Click the desired location name.



  1. Click the Location Users tab.
  2. Click the Dealer Location User # of th desired technician.

1.5 1.6.png


Step Two: Edit the Sequence Number

  1. Click the Edit button.



  1. Enter the <Sequence #> in the Sequence # field.
  2. Click Save.

2.2 2.3.png


Sequence # on the Service Scheduler

The Technician with the lowest sequence value will be located on the left of the calendar (a) and the top of the filter dropdown (b) of the Service Scheduler.

Username Sequence #
Technician User 1
User User 2