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Convert a Service Appointment to a Repair Order

Advisors and other system users are able to create a repair order directly from the appointment.  Appointment details such as Customer, Mileage, Vehicle and Appointment Lines are carried forward to the Repair Order.


Convert a Service Appointment into a Repair Order using one click. 

First Step

After a Service Appointment has been saved it will display on the Scheduler. To help find a service appointment on the scheduler use the filters to sort by Location, Techs/Advisors, Day, Work Week, or Timeline Week.  

scheduler with appointments

Second Step

Hover your pointer over a scheduled appointment color block. In the example below, the pointer is hovering over the larger color block but not visible. Two buttons are displayed in the top right corner.  Carefully keep the cursor in the color block and click Create RO.

Once converted to an RO, the service appointment will display a wrench icon and have a black border. A converted service appointment can no longer be moved on the scheduler. Additional edits or changes to the time must happen in the Service Repair Order.   

create RO from Apt


The Service Repair Order

The button Create RO automatically creates a new RO and navigates the user to the tab Service Repair Orders.  When a service appointment is converted into a repair order the included information on Customer, Advisor/Tech, Job Lines and Op Codes will carry over from the scheduler.

From the newly created RO, a service advisor can make edits and continue to build out the Repair Order. 


Repair Order created from service apt