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Create a Service Vehicle


The goal of this article is to learn how to create a new Service Vehicle record. It is also important to understand why. 

A Service Vehicle is identified by VIN and will act as a stand alone record for the dealership to write repair orders, track added parts and manage service history, regardless who owns the vehicle at that time. A Service Vehicle is always used to write Service Repair Orders.

A Vehicle Inventory record is identified by a Stock Number and is intended to be bought and sold, possibly multiple times, to different customers. When a Vehicle Inventory record is created, new or used, the system automatically creates a Service Vehicle. This is known as a Parent/Child relationship because the two records are dependent to one another.

Service Vehicles can be created without a Vehicle Inventory record because customers who bought their vehicle elsewhere will still visit your service department. This article will cover:

  • Create a Service Vehicle with VIN
  • VIN Decode a Service Vehicle
  • Creating a Service Vehicle without VIN
  • Manually enter vehicle details
  • Lookup or Create Account for first-time customers.  

Before creating a new Service Vehicle you should always search the system to make sure one doesn't already exist. Type the last six numbers of the Vin into the global search. If you do not find a matching Service follow these steps. 

First Step

Use the Create New drop down in the side bar and click Service Vehicle from the options.

Items available under Create New are in direct relationship to your tab bar. If you do not see Service Vehicle in your Tab Bar, it will not be available under Create New. Make sure you have selected Service Department from the available Apps.          

If by looking up the service vehicle by the last six numbers of the Vin Number you do not find it you can create on by the following steps. 


Second Step

If you have a Vin number you can add it in the Vin field and click next. This will decode the from the Vin year, make, and model. If you don't have a Vin Number skip to If No Vin Present.

If you have a Vin number you can add it in the Vin field.

The Vin Decoder decodes Year Make and Model, but sometimes you will need to select the Trim level. Click on the correct Trim Level.


When the trim level is selected the Vin Decoder will populate all the standard equipment that was originally on the vehicle. Below this will have the optional equipment that was available on this vehicle. Select optional equipment if desired.  Click Save.

If No Vin is Present.

If no Vin is present you can proceed to create a service vehicle. Click on No Vin Present and fill out as much information as you have and click save and Skip to the Third Step. All fields are optional, and you can still proceed to create a service appointment or a Service Repair Order.

Third Step

Click on the lookup icon in the Veh Owner Account field to open a window to select the vehicle owner. If the owner of the vehicle does not have an account you can add New from the lookup window and create an account.  


You have just created a Service Vehicle and can now schedule a service appointment or create a new repair order with the customer and the vehicle information already created.