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Create a Service Vehicle for Lightning


A Service Vehicle is a detailed record of a vehicle's maintenance history.

Service Vehicle Record - A Service Vehicle is always identified by VIN and will act as a stand alone record to write repair orders, track added parts, and manage service history, regardless who owned the vehicle at any given time.

Vehicle Inventory Record - A Vehicle Inventory record is identified by a Stock Number and is intended to be bought and sold, possibly multiple times, to different customers. When a Vehicle Inventory record is created, new or used, the system automatically creates a Service Vehicle. This is known as a Parent/Child relationship because the two records are dependent to one another.

Service Vehicles can be created without a Vehicle Inventory record because customers will inevitably buy a vehicle elsewhere and visit your service department. 

Before creating a new Service Vehicle you should always search the system to make sure one doesn't already exist. Type the last six numbers of the Vin into the global search. If you do not find a matching Service Vehicle, follow the provided steps. 

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to the Service Vehicle
  • Create a Service Vehicle with VIN decode
  • Create a Service Vehicle without VIN
  • Lookup or Create Account for first-time customers.  


Step One: Navigate to the Service Vehicle

  1. Click the app launcher icon.



  1. Type Service Vehicles in the quick find field.
  2. Click the Service Vehicles link.

1.2 1.3.png


Step Two: Create a Service Vehicle

  1. Click New.



  1.  Enter the <VIN> in the field.
  2. Press Next.

2.2 2.3.png


  1. Select trim.



Note: The VIN Decoder Fills in the mandatory fields automatically


  1. To finish click Save.