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Re-Assign Appointments


Appointments can be moved on the scheduler by dragging and dropping the event to a new resource within the same location.

This article explains how to re-assigning appointments on the scheduler. Re-assigning to available Techs/Advisors is as easy as dragging and dropping events.

Users should have access to the Service Scheduler and have permission to View/Edit service appointments.


For this example, Bill Dollar has discussed service options with his customer Jeff Haynes and needs to extend the set appointment.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Edit the current appointment for Jeff Haynes past 10:30 a.m.
  • Re-assign the 10:00 a.m. appointment for Earnest Cunningham to the technician Brock Coleman. 


open scheduler


Step One: From the Scheduler Tab.  

Hover your cursor over the appointment to be moved and click and hold the left mouse button. It is not displayed in the screen shot, but a small hand icon will appear as you start to drag the appointment.   

The appointment will display as a shadow as long as the mouse button is held. Simply release the mouse button and drop the appointment in the new time slot.  

The Scheduler will automatically re-assign the technician and time.  

drag and drop apt


Step Two: Expand the Duration of an Appointment 

Simply hover the cursor over the top or bottom edge of the appointment block on the scheduler to expand the time duration for Jeff. A small black arrow will be displayed. Click and hold the mouse button while you expand the appointment. 

This technique can be performed to expand an appointment earlier or later in the day.

In the example, the small black arrow is not visible but the shadowed appointment is displayed. Release the button to set the expanded time duration.    


expand appointment time slot


The Scheduler will reflect the changes made by expanding and dragging and dropping the two appointments. 


updated scheduler