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Schedule Service Appointments



The Service Scheduler is the most efficient way for your advisors to keep your technicians busy. It also provides the Sales Department access to see available time slots in Service when helping their customers. The key is to make sure all team members can handle customer requests as efficiently as possible.

To use the Scheduler you need access to the Service Department App with user permissions to Create, View, and Edit appointments.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to the Scheduler
  • Arrange the Calendar 
  • Create a Service Appointment 

Step One: Navigate to the Scheduler

Select Service Department from the Apps menu --> Click the Scheduler tab.


NOTE: If Scheduler is not available in the tab bar, click the All Tabs + and search the list of available tabs. Learn how to Customize the Tab Bar to add the Scheduler tab.


Scheduler Tab is located under the Service Department App


Step Two: Arrange your Calendar

You can arrange the Calendar to create a customized view. Filter your Calendar by Location, available Technicians, and View Types, Day, Work Week, or  Timeline Week.


scheduler header explained


Step Three: Create a Service Appointment

To get started, Double Click any open Date and Time inside the scheduler to add a new Service Appointment. You can assign a technician by double-clicking the corresponding column for each Tech.


 double click open time slot to schedule appointments


Once you double-click the Calendar the Event pop-up modal will display to create the appointment. Here you can: 

  • Search for a Customer from the dialog box, or add a new customer from the + button.
  • Search for the correct Service Vehicle if multiple are available, or add a new vehicle from the + button. There is also an outline here.
  • Set the Date and Time for the appointment. The default time block is 20 minutes. If you need to make the appointment longer, click the Icons.  
  • View Recommended Service and Service History when a vehicle is selected. Utilizing these to make sure your Advisors are offering services to customers.
  • Color-coded Service Types provide a quick visual on the Scheduler. Use Training/Vacation to account for absent technicians.
  • Add Operation Codes to quickly summarize the customer's concern. Op Codes will carry over to the repair order as job lines when the Service Appointment is converted to a RO. You can add multiple OP Codes to a Service Appointment.

Click Save when finished.


The service event screen explained. Example of scheduled service event.

add service event explained

service event


Step Four: Edit a Scheduled Appointment 

Double-click in the scheduled appointment Color Block to make Edits. The Color Block provides a quick visual of the appointment type. You can also drag-and-drop scheduled appointments to a new time slot. To learn how to easily re-assign appointments, click Here

The Service Appointment block will display the SA#, Customer Name, Phone Number and included Op Code with Description.


scheduler with appointments