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Schedule Service Appointments


Appointments can be scheduled on the editable calendar without leaving the page.

After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to the scheduler
  • Breakdown the pieces that comprise the scheduler
  • Create a Service Appointment
  • Edit a scheduled service appointment


Step One: Navigate to the Scheduler

  1. Click the App Launcher icon.

1 Schedule Service Appointment- App Launcher.png


  1. Enter Scheduler in the quick search area.
  2. Click Scheduler.

2 Schedule Service Appointment- Scheduler navi.png


Step Two: Components of the Service Scheduler

Service Scheduler Controls 

Use the Service Scheduler controls to arrange the calendar.

Schedule controls.png


Component Details
(a) Day Selector Select the day or week date by clicking the arrow buttons
(b) Location Selector Select the schedule by Location
(c) Technician Selector  Select the technicians to make them visible on the calendar
(d) Calendar View Select the type of calendar to view
(e) Export to PDF button Click to turn current schedule into printable pdf


Schedule Calendar

The calendar has multiple sections to be aware of (a) Date and time, (b) Technician column, (c) Open schedule spot, (d) Current time of day, (e) Scheduled Service Appointment.



New Service Appointment

The Service Appointment Card has helpful input fields when scheduling. 


New service appointment.png  


Field Details
(a) Customer Search for a Customer from the dropdown, or add a new customer with the + button.
(b) Service Vehicle Search for the correct Service Vehicle if multiple are available, or add a new vehicle with the + button. Learn more about Service Vehicles here.
(c) Last Odometer   
(d) Color-coded Types Color-coded Service Types provide a quick visual on the Scheduler. 
(e) OP code  Add Operation Codes to quickly summarize the customer's concern. Op Codes will carry over to the repair order as job lines when the Service Appointment is converted to a RO. You can add multiple OP Codes to a Service Appointment.
(f) Date and Time Set the Date and Time for the appointment. The default time block is 20 minutes. If you need to make the appointment longer, click the Icons.
(g) Service Advisor  


Step Three: Create a Service Appointment


  1. Start by double-clicking an open schedule spot within the desired tech column 



  1. Select the customer.


Note: Fill out all the applicable Service Appointment record fields to add details for clarity. Adding the customer is the only required field not preset when creating a Service Appointment.


  1. Click Save.

3.2 3.3.png


Step Four: Edit a Scheduled Appointment 

Double-click in the scheduled appointment Color Block to make Edits. The Color Block provides a quick visual of the appointment type. You can also drag-and-drop scheduled appointments to a new time slot. To learn how to easily re-assign appointments, click Here

The Service Appointment block will display the SA#, Customer Name, Phone Number and included Op Code with Description.


scheduler with appointments