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Schedule Service Appointments



The Service Calendar is the most efficient way for you and your team to make sure all of your technicians are kept busy. It will also help the Sales team to be able to see if there is capacity in the Service Department.  To complete this task you will need access to the Service Department App. User permissions to create, view, and edit appointments are also required. The key is to make sure all team members have up to date information to make sure we are handling our customers as efficiently as possible.

Browse to the Scheduler

Make sure Service Department is selected from the Apps menu and click the Scheduler tab.


Scheduler Tab is located under the Service Department App

If you do not see Scheduler in the tab bar, click the All Tabs + and find Scheduler in the list of available tabs. To add the Scheduler tab, learn how to Customize the Tab Bar.   

Arrange the Calendar

You can arrange your Calendar to display only what you want to see, Any changes you make only affect how you see your Calendar. You can filter your Calendar to reflect your location, You can further filter by selecting which technicians you would like to see on the Calendar. The final way that you can specialize your Calendar is by your View type, Specifically, you can look at just today, The work week, or you can look at the timeline week.

scheduler header explained

To add a new service appointment just double click any of the open time slots inside the scheduler to set an appointment. You can determine the time you would like to make the appointment for, and which technician you would like to assign by double-clicking in the corresponding box.

 double click open time slot to schedule appointments

Create Service Appointment

Once you are here you need to select a customer from the dialog box, You can put in what information you have and the system will search for matches, If there is no match or if you are working with a new customer you can add the customer info from the “add” button. Next you need to add the Service Vehicle, As with the customer add or select a service vehicle, if you need to add a new vehicle you can do so from the “add” button. There is also an outline here. If a customer has multiple vehicles, you will need to select the correct vehicle that the customer is bringing in.The default visit to the dealership is 20 minutes, If you need to make the appointment longer you can adjust the Date and Time that the customer is dropping off or calculated time. Two buttons allow the user to view recommended service and service history when a vehicle is selected. Make sure you are utilizing these in order to make sure we are offering services to customers. Color-coded service types provide a quick visual on the Scheduler.  You can also use the Training/Vacation tab to make sure you have your technicians accounted for on their days off. This will prevent you from over-booking your department.

You can use the Operation Codes in order to quickly summarize what is needed from the technician, This will also translate to the repair order lines once you convert the Service Appointment. So if you have a customer with multiple concerns you can add multiple OP codes to your Service Appointment to make sure your technician addresses all of the customer’s concerns.

Click Save when finished.


The service event screen explained. Example of scheduled service event.

add service event explained

service event




The service appointment will display the customer name, phone and included op code with description.

The displayed color block gives a quick visual of the appointment type. The service appointment number along with customer name and phone number will display on the scheduler for quick reference.

Double click in the color block to edit the scheduled appointment. You can also re-assign the appointment easily as outlined Here


scheduler with appointments