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Service Estimate Introduction

What is a Service Estimate?

A service estimate is an approximation of the probable cost of a product, program, or project.

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Why Make a Service Estimate?

Quote the price and take detailed records of damages to be repaired or upgrades to be applied to a customers vehicle. Calculate proposed technician time and parts cost on service estimates. Easily turn a Service Estimate in to a Repair Order, to avoid repetitive data entry, with a click of a button. 

When to Add a Service Estimate?

Create a Service Estimate when a customer brings in their vehicle for maintenance before performing the work.

How to Add a Service Estimate from the Service Vehicle?

From the Service Vehicle click the Service Estimate button. Add as much information as possible and click Save. After clicking Save a pop-up will appear with the newly created Service Estimate. Click the pop-up to further edit the estimate.

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