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Equipment Introduction

What is Equipment?

Equipment are additions to Vehicle Inventory tracked individually. Equipment my be tracked with a unique serial number different from the vehicle VIN and is defined by up to three objects: Equipment Master, Equipment Inventory and Equipment.
Object Description
Equipment Master Defines the Equipment items available for selection when adding equipment to an inventory record.
Equipment Inventory Holds data of current and past inventory of serialized Equipment for sale apart from a Vehicle Inventory record.
Equipment The item installed on vehicles. A serial number can be assigned to the Equipment.

Why Add Equipment?

View vehicle features with Equipment generally structured by the Equipment Master and tracked by the Equipment Inventory. The equipment will let service members know what features are on which vehicles at all times.

When to Add Equipment?

Select from Equipment Masters to add pre-defined Equipment items to a vehicle or create custom Equipment that hasn't been defined by a master. Equipment is often used when features exist that are not added automatically by the VIN decoder or when there is a desire to feature particular items. Claims may get written against an Equipment record in addition to a Service Vehicle.

How to Add Equipment to a Service Vehicle?

From the Service Vehicle click the Equipment tab. Click the Add New Equipment button. Fill in the Equipment Master field. Click Save.

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