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How Repairs Orders affect On Hand Inventory


The Service Department should understand how the placing of items on a Service Repair Order effects the Daily Parts Order and the On Hand Inventory.


Adding Parts to the Service Repair Order

So you have the inevitable customer who wants to know how much it will cost to repair their vehicle. Normal Process would be to schedule them in and charge a Diagnostic Fee, or Inspection Fee to them and put together a list of parts needed to complete the repair. You have a Service Repair Order Already created for them, All you really need to do is add the parts onto your Service Repair Order and let the customer know how much it would be?

Not so Fast, You need to understand how adding parts to a Service Repair Order effects the other departments and the On hand inventory for your department. Remember as soon as you add a part to a Job line in a Service repair order it does one of two things:

1. if you have adequate stock on hand it will relieve it from your stores inventory.

2. If you don't have adequate stock on hand it will generate a parts order for your parts team to order enough in to complete your Job.

So, how in the heck can you give the customer correct pricing? If you can't add it to the Job Lines, how can you keep them grouped together! Remember on the Service repair order you have a related list of Service Estimates, In this case you should create a new Service Estimate that is related to this RO.

Why use a Service Estimate?

Think about it for a minute, The Service estimate will never relieve parts from inventory and will not have you generating Parts Orders for Jobs that are not sold. So create the related Service Estimate and call the customer with those figures, or use the Email PDF of the Service Estimate to make sure the customer understands what job it is that you are trying to sell him. If the customer agrees to the repair, You have two options. Depending on your Organization you can either Close the initial Service Repair Order with no Charges and move the Diagnostic to the Estimate that you can convert to a New SRO. Or you can close your initial SRO with charges and bill the customer for both RO's. In Organizations where you are closely tracking your Close Ratio you can simply use a custom Status to designate which initial Diagnostic Service Repair Orders were converted to other Repairs.

What is this about a Parts Order?

The System is pretty smart, In the old way of doing things any time the Service Department needed the parts department to order something it was kind of a pain to either stop what you are doing and order what you needed to complete the job, or somehow relay to the parts department what it was you needed to complete your job. Then you had to wait for the parts to come in and have no idea when that was going to happen, Or if they were ordered, or from whom. By utilizing the Daily Parts Order Function all the guess work is taken out of it. It's pretty simple really If you don't have enough stock on hand to complete your Repair Order job line the parts department is automatically updated ( in real time! ) that you need additional parts. If the job changes and you find that instead of 2 muffler bearings, You really need 3 to complete the job you can update your Service Job line and it will notify parts of the additional needed. One thing to remember is that if you remove a part from your service Job line after the part has been ordered that part will still likely show up and be put into your stores inventory. So if you have to remove parts, Chatter your parts person to let them know as soon as possible to prevent orders that don't need to be placed.

One really nice function of this is that once the parts department orders your part it will automatically update your service Job Line with the Purchase order and from there you can link to the PO to see who it was ordered from and when it's expected due date will be:

DPO 8.png

So no more guessing, You can know when you will receive your parts, This will make your ability to schedule work in the shop a lot easier!


For some more info on Daily Parts Orders and how they are processed you can read more about it If you are continuing down the Service Manager Path, be patient you will get to this.