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Repair Order Introduction

What is A Repair Order?

Service Repair Orders track the flow of work through the service centers. Repair Orders contain Labor, Parts and the related Vehicle.

Learn more about Service Repair Order fields.

Why Create a Repair Order?

Add Job Lines to track the specific work to be performed. Repair Orders can contain up to 200 job lines per invoice.  Service Repair Orders can contain multiple payment methods on a single work order. Track Repair Orders via status. Add a repair orders appointments to the service schedule.

When to Create a Repair Order?

Create a Repair Order when a customer agrees to the quoted Service Estimate of their vehicle.

How to Create a Repair Order from a Service Estimate?

Click the Convert to a New Repair button on the Job Line from the Service Estimate.Click OK to confirm creation. DealerTeam will automatically navigate to the newly created Repair Order.

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