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Create a New Repair Order

Service Repair Orders track the flow of work through the service centers.  Repair Orders are tracked via status.  Each Repair Order will contain Labor, Parts and the related Vehicle.


After completing this how-to you be able to create a new Repair Order. 

First Step: New Button

From the Service Repair Order tab

Recent Service Repair Orders will be displayed in the center pane. 

Click the New button. 

Service Repair Order tab

From the Side Bar

Click Create New dropdown menu and select Service Repair Order.

SideBar create new Repair Order

Second Step: Select Account

Existing Customer 

From the New Service Repair Order page use the Account look-up icon to search for the existing customer.

New RO Account look-up

Enter the Account Name and click Go! Pick the correct Account from the search results. If the Account is listed under Recently Viewed, simply click the Account Name.  

Account look-up 

New Customer

Click the Account look-up icon and click the New button.

Enter the new customer's information and click Save. 

Third Step: Select Service Vehicle

To add a Service Vehicle click the look-up icon.

service vehicle look-up icon

The Lookup box allows you to search for a Service Vehicle. The VIN is the easiest way to search for a service vehicle but be sure to change the search to All Fields. 

This is done by selecting the All Fields radio button under the search box. The Name is made from the last 6 of the VIN, Year, Make, and Model. 

service vehicle search options


To finish creating a new Service Repair Order, enter the Mileage in and a Tag # if desired.

create new RO fields to complete

Click Save. 


What's Next

After the Repair Order has been created learn how to Add Job Lines.