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Create a New Repair Order


Service Repair Orders track the flow of work via status.  Each Repair Order contains Labor, Parts and a related Service Vehicle.

After this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to service repair orders
  • Create a new repair order


Step One: Navigate to the Repair Order

  1. From the Service App click the Service Repair Orders tab located on the navbar.



Step Two: Create a New Repair Order

  1. Click New.

3 Create a New Repair Order- new btn.png


  1. Click the search icon on the Account field.
  2. Click the desired account name.

5 Create a New Repair Order- Account.png


  1. Enter the mileage recorded when the vehicle was dropped off for service.
  2. Click Save.

6 Create a New Repair Order- Mileage in.png


Select the Service Vehicle (recommended)

Although it is not required, it is recommended to add the Service Vehicle to a Service Repair Order. Add the vehicle before clicking Save.  

  1. Click the search icon of the Service Vehicle field.

7 Create a New Repair Order- Service Vehicle.png


  1. Select the All Fields radio button under the search box.
  2. Enter the <VIN> in the search area and click Go
  3. Select the desired vehicle.



Note: You can enter the <Last 6 of the VIN>, <VIN><Year>, < Make> or <Model> in the search area.


What's Next

After the Repair Order has been created learn how to Navigate to the SRO and  Add Job Lines.