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Standard Operation Codes

Each repair line requires an operation code to be attached to the service job line.  The operation code allows for the defaulting of concern, payment method and other properties such as labor and parts charges.


Learn how-to create new Standard Operation Codes. In order to accomplish this goal you will need an Operation Code and a Company Number. Both are required fields. The company number will need to be setup under Locations prior to creating a Standard Op Code. Learn how to add a Location.   

First Step

Set the App to Service Department and click on Standard Operation Codes in the tab bar.

Click the New button displayed in the main pane.    

Standard Op Codes Home Tab

helpNote_icon.gif If Standard Operation Codes is not visible in the Tab Bar, click the All Tabs + and select it from the list of available tabs. To add it as a tab read Customize the Tab Bar

Second Step

From the Standard Operation Code edit page, fill in the required fields. You will need to know your Company Number in order to create an Op Code. 

Make sure to check the Active box to make the Op Code available for use. Use the drop down lists to select Service Type, Primary Category, and Pay Type.

Default Pay Types
C - Customer
W - Warranty
I - Internal
S - Service Contract

To help measure shop efficiency include parts and labor estimates, along with the suggested labor rate and book time for each Op Code.   

Pre-populate the Concern for any Op Code when possible to save valuable time for your technicians. The Cause, Correction and Operation Notes can be populated at the time of service.   

When finished, Click Save 

Op Cod Edit page


To view the new Op Code, navigate back to the Standard Operation Code tab. Under Recently Viewed, the Op Code should be present. To view the Op Code when not displayed in Recently Viewed, select the "All" list view and click Go! 

New Op Code available for use

Click on the Operation Code O2LOF  to view the details. From here you can Edit, Delete, or Clone the Standard Op Code.

Op Code detail page 

What's Next

Creating Standard Opt Codes is a prerequisite before they can be added to a job line. Learn how to Add Job Lines to a Repair Order