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Standard Operation Codes


Learn how-to create Standard Operation Codes. Operation Codes are required to add service job lines and allow for the defaulting of concern, payment method and other properties such as book time and parts charges.


Prerequisites to accomplish this goal

The company number will need to be set up under Locations prior to creating a Standard Op Code. Learn how to add a Location.   


Create a New Standard Operation Code

Go to the Standard Operation Codes object. 

(1) Click the App Launcher, (2) enter Standard Operation Codes then (3) click Standard Operation Codes.


App Launcher Standard Operation Codes.png


From the Standard Operation Codes page, click New


Click New, Standard Operation Codes.png


Enter Standard Operation Code Details

There are two required fields to complete.

* Give your new Operation Code a name. 

* Enter the Company Number to create an Op Code for a specific location (store), or enter All  to have the Op Code apply for all locations. 

Make sure the Active box is checked to make the Op Code available. 

Use the drop-down pick lists to select a default value for the Op Codes Primary Category and Pay Type. There are four default Pay Types:

C - Customer
W - Warranty
I - Internal
S - Service Contract

To help measure shop efficiency include the suggested Labor Rate and Book Time associated for each Op Code. Pre-populate the Concern for Op Codes to help save time for your technicians.

The Cause, Correction and Operation Notes will be noted at the time of service.


Enter new Standard Operation Code information 2.png

When finished, click Save. 


Lube Oil and Filter is now available as an Opt Code when adding a job line to a Service Repair Order

Standard Operation Code on a Service Repair Order.png


Edit or Clone Standard Operation Codes

To update a Standard Op Code click Edit and save your changes. 

Standard Operation Codes can also be Clone. Use this time saving feature when:

  • Creating the same Op Code for multiple Locations  
  • Creating different Op Codes with very similar information. 


Completed Standard Operation Code 2.png



What's Next

Creating Standard Op Codes is a prerequisite before they can be added to a Job Line.

Learn how to Add Job Lines to a Repair Order