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Multiple Payment Methods for Repair Orders

Service Repair Orders can contain multiple payment methods on a single work order.


A Repair Order needs to be created or opened before payment methods can be applied. 

Apply Multiple Payment Methods to a single Repair Order by controlling the Pay Type of each Job Line. 

  What are the standard Pay Type values:  
   C    -    Customer Pay
   W  -    Warranty  
   I     -     Internal

Each Job Line added to a Repair Order can have a different Pay Type. The charges carry separate totals and will be applied individually to the general ledger. 

1. Select the Pay Type when a Job Line is created

Open the desired Repair Order. Located in the Vehicle Information section, click the Add Job Line button.  

Add a new job line and set the pay type

Select the Op Code

  1. Standard Op Codes need to be created before they are available to select on a Job Line. Pay Types can be pre-determined or left blank when creating new Op Codes.
  2. Either way the Pay Type can be edited using the drop down.
  3. Click Update to add the Job Line to the Repair Order. 

Select the Op Code and select the desired Pay Type before clicking Update  

2. Edit the Pay Type on an existing Job Line

To modify the Pay Type on Job Line click the Edit button.

 NOTE: Open Job Lines with dollar amounts cannot be deleted.   

To change the Pay Type click Edit next to the desired Job Line

Change the Pay Type

Use the drop down arrow to choose the Pay Type and click Update.

Use the drop down to choose the correct Pay Type and click Update

3. If Pay Type is Warranty - Select Warranty Account

If the job line Pay Type is Warranty the next step is to record the Warranty Account

Double click Warranty Account field

Multiple Payment Methods, double click Warranty field.png

1. Type Name of Account

2. Click the Lookup icon to search for Account

Multiple Payment Methods, search Account.png

Click Account, the window will close then click Save

Multiple Payment Methods, click account.png

Warranty Account is saved

Multiple Payment Methods, account saved.png

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