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Cashier a Repair Order

Used to collect customer payment or stage an invoice closed before being posted to accounting.  Cashiering allows for collection of deposits, final payment and to record cash box transactions.


This article demonstrates How-To cashier customer payments to an RO and post to accounting. 

Service Repair Orders may not be visible in the tab bar. The DealerTeam Service App should be selected.

If it is still not visible, try the All Tabs + and locate Service Repair Orders in the list.

RO tab available in service app or under all tabs

                                                                             Click on Service Repair Orders

                                                                             RO Tab


First Step: Open a Service Repair Order

Option 1. Click to open the desired RO from the recently viewed list when available.

Option 2. Select the desired list view and click GO! From the list, find the desired RO.   


For this example click RO#DT1-7003 to open the record.

Open RO from recently view or list view

Second Step: Cashier the Repair Order

Continue by clicking the Cashier button at the top of the Repair Order.

cashier button

The Process Payment page will open. Follow these five steps.

  1. The amount will be automatically carried over from the RO. This can be changed to accommodate multiple pay options.
  2. Select the Account by entering the account name listed above or use the look-up to search for another account.
  3. Select the Payment Method. Cash is standard but Credit Cards can be setup under CRM settings.
  4. Select the check box if this is marked as a deposit.
  5. When ready click the Apply Payment button.

process payment steps

The Apply Payment button records the payment as a Cashier Transactions and displays the payment Date, Amount, Method, and Paid-By account name.

The results of applied payments

Third Step: Post Invoice 

After the payment is applied and the Total Due is $.00, click the Post Invoice button to post to accounting.     

After all payments are applied post the invoice to general ledger


Tutorial Video: Learn how to to apply payments.