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Inspection Reports


Learn how to create an inspection report, navigate the inspection report and complete an inspection report.


After reading this article you will be able to:

  • Navigate to inspection reports
  • Create a new inspection report
  • Understand inspection reports

Step One - Navigate to Inspection Reports

Click the App Launcher 

(1) search for Inspection Reports in the Quick Find. (2) Click Inspection Reports.

navigate to inspection reports.png

Step Two - Create the Inspection Report

Click New to create a new Inspection Report.

Use the dropdown arrow to Edit, Delete or Change Owner of an existing Inspection Report.  


Create New or Edit an Inspection Report.png


(1) Select the Record Type - Click Inspection then (2) click Next to create the report.


Inspection reports, select record type.png


Continue by completing the three look-up fields.


(1) Select the Template - Click inside the look-up field and choose Repair Confirmation

The Template determines which report type you will see. There are 3 default Templates to choose from:

  1. Dealer Diagnostics
  2. Repair Confirmation
  3. PDI Inspection

(2) Store Location - Use the look-up field to search for and set the desired location of the Inspection Report. 

(3) Account - Use the look-up field to search for and assign the Account when necessary.  

(4) Inventoried Vehicle - Use the look-up field to search for and assign a vehicle in-stock for the Dealer Diagnostic Inspection.

(5) Service Vehicle - Use the look-up field to search by VIN, or Vehicle Description to assign the Service Vehicle for the Dealer Diagnostic Inspection.     


When done, click Next


look up fields explained for creating a New Inspection Report


Step Three - Navigate the Inspection Report Page

1. Highlights Bar - Valuable information available at a glance: Total Score, Account, Inventoried Vehicle and Service Vehicle.

2. Path Guide - Click the current Status of the Inspection Report in the path guide, it will change color, then click Mark as Current Status to update.  

3. Report View - A list of All cards available to score. Use the (4) Progress Module to click the name of the desired card and filter the Report View. 

4. Progress - By default, All will be selected. General Evaluation is selected in the example and filters the cards displayed in the Report View. 

5. Inspection Report Info - General Inspection Report information is displayed along with Related Info and Chatter. To edit any field, click the pencil.


Inspection Reports, Navigate the Report.png


Step Four: Edit the Card

1. Click the toggle button to change status to Complete. 

2. Once the status is changed to complete, the number of available cards will be reduce by one and no longer be visible. Once The Inspection Report is completed the Progress bar (in green) will be full. The goal is complete all the cards. 


Inspection Reports, Edit mode.png


Completed Inspection Report


Inspection Reports, progress bar is full.png